La Gradisca (ラ・グラディスカ)

The entrance is quite difficult to spot! Delicious Prosecco.
Amuse is fried Sakura-ebi. Felt like I was eating tempura but it was good.
Appetizer is a few thin slices of really soft and nice chicken breast in anchovy sauce. The sunny-side up fried quail egg on the side is the cutest thing I have ever seen!
Homemade pasta(forgot name) with seafood sauce. Delicious~
Pork stewed in tomato sauce. Italian countryside styled apparently. Taste-wise it is good but the pork itself is a bit too dry and hard. Couldn’t help thinking what a shame it was cos everything had been really good so far. Though my friends who ordered fish as their main dishes said they were good.
My disappointment eased a bit when I tried the petit fours which was amazing especially the polenta cookie, and I was very surprised and immediately uplifted by the high quality of the simple dessert – honey pudding with fruits and nuts. Wrapping up with a nice cappuccino, the lunch was overall satisfying.

Lunch course alone is 4200yen. I had one glass wine, one sparkling wine, mineral water, about 7000yen in total.

La Gradisca (ラ・グラディスカ)
Add: B1, 3-3-23, Nishi-Azabu, Minato-ku
Tel: 03-5918-7055

4 thoughts on “La Gradisca (ラ・グラディスカ)

  1. I love love the sunny side up quail egg! The pasta is so “big” in size.

    Petit four only has 3 items? The honey pudding looks yummy.

  2. Yeah the sunny side up is just too cute. I wish there were 4 eggs for the 4 slices of chicken! ^^;;;

  3. Haha you actually crave more of the chicken breast. Ordering pork is always a bet…I had too many hard and dry ones so I tend not to take the risk (though if the choice were only between chicken and pork, hmm…^^;;)

  4. I will definitely choose pork over chicken. ^^;;; The chicken breast in the appetizer is more like ham than the usual fatless chicken breast meat so I like it alright.

    Meat dishes in Italian restaurants are usually simple grill so the quality of the meat really matters. I thought meat stew, on the otherhand, never goes wrong but somehow it did go wrong…

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