Mont St. Clair (モンサンクレール)

キャラメル ポワール:洋なしとキャラメルのムース、ラム酒風味のレーズン。
Mint mousse with banana cream, apricot jelly, orange-raisins.
Pear and caramel mousse with rum raisins.
Pistachio. Maple and walnut. Strawberry sable.

A SUPER famous cake shop in Jiyugaoka. My first visit to this place was some 4-5 years ago and I still remember vividly that I’d ended up waiting for one and a half hour just for a seat to eat inside. Seriously I didn’t expect it was going to be such a long wait otherwise I would’ve given up. I was too traumatized to go back ever since. ^^;;; The cafe space can only accommodate about 6 people at a time so I guess the long wait is inevitable. The best is to take away if you are going home right way.

I took a friend from overseas who, for some reason, wanted to “eat cakes in Jiyugaoka”. There are other cakes shops in Jiyugaoka but I guess Mont St. Clair is the most famous. We arrived at around 3pm on a holiday and there weren’t that many people waiting but that was probably because most of the cakes had been sold out. The staff told us that more cakes would be ready in about one and a half hour so we left our names and booked two seats for 4:30pm. When we came back, the queue waiting for seats was really long….we picked our cakes, waited for about 10mins, and in front of all the people in the queue, we were seated first. It was an awkward situation of feeling relieved and guilty at the same time. Both cakes we had were very nice – my friend seemed very satisfied. Though I can’t help thinking that, with so many good cake shops in Tokyo, there is really no need to go through so much just to eat here…^^;;

Mont St. Clair (モンサンクレール)
Add: 2-22-4 Jiyugaoka, Meguro-ku
Tel: 03-3718-5200

8 thoughts on “Mont St. Clair (モンサンクレール)

  1. Hello, my coffee friend, nice to find your blog which talks about nice restaurants and cake shops, and Cafe Corridor long time ago, I’m pleased to tell you that we are re-opended on 21 March, 2008!!! YEAH!! wish we can meet again when you stay in HK.

    All the best!

  2. Hi Felix, congratulations on the re-opening of Cafe Corridor! I will sure pay a visit next time I am in Hong Kong!

  3. You haven’t done cake shop for awhile~~
    Is this the cake shop I’ve been to when I was in Japan!?!?! I know I’ve been to one at Jiyugaoka and that it was famous…and I vaguely remember the exterior and the experience of the “4-5 years ago and I still remember vividly that I’d ended up waiting for one and a half hour just for a seat to eat inside.”! I remember we weren’t blown away by the cakes either…^^;; Right? But it was nice to be get out of the usual places in Tokyo and see another city. I remembered it’s a cute town, lots of european-ish looking buildings, right?

  4. Hahaha, I was wondering if you still remember! Yes that is the place we went together! We waited and waited til we almost fell asleep, and after that long wait, we got seats OUTSIDE the shop and it was freezing that day! I still remember one of the cake was Gorgonzola cheese cake, which I actually really liked, the other one was some caramel mousse cake. Remember we took pictures of “Little Venice”? So natsukashi~~~

  5. Oh it is!! yeah I totally remember. ^^;; Yes the Little Venice was so unbelievable and funny~~ like Vegas. Actually I remember many of the places you took me to very well, but I don’t remember the name of the places or where they’re at. all I can described was “remember this one cake shop that’s kinda far away and it’s near a bus stop (?) and we ate there while waiting for the bus” or “this place we went supposedly have very good coffee and it came with a red bean cake” etc etc. Ah…good times good times…

  6. Haha, you just followed me to wherever, so it is no surprise you can’t remember the names of the place we went. I remember every Friday night will be spent on planning the tour course, printing out maps, checking out restaurants. ^^;;; I think I went to more places in Tokyo in those few months than my entire stay in Japan! Yeah good times indeed~~

  7. Did you ever go back to the places you took me other than this? Based on the blog doesn’t seems so… ^^;;

  8. Hmm…I don’t think I went back to other places. After all we were sort of sight-seeing in Tokyo and went to so many different locations, some of which are pretty far. I did go back to Soup-ya in Shibuya for a light meal though. I remember you were always saying that you wanted soup for dinner so we visited a few times. ^^;;;

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