Namja Town (ナムコ・ナンジャタウン)


0809220018“Sasebo burger Big Man”(佐世保バーガービッグマン) inside Namja Town in Ikebukuro. Sasebo burger’s homepage here. Originally from Sasebo(Nagasaki) and now has a few branches in Tokyo. I had the most popular Bacon and egg burger(500yen). The bun, the patty, the bacon and of course the egg are all very soft which makes it easy-to-eat and kinda fast-food-ish(Or is it a fast food chain?). The coffee(330yen) and the fried cheese balls(400yen) aren’t very good though.

Miracle Fruit Cafe(ミラクルフルーツ カフェ) is the reason I paid the 300yen of entrance fee to Namja Town for. Read about Miracle fruit here. I had the sourest parfait “Super lemon with lemon jelly”(680yen). Miracle fruit needs to be ordered separately(250yen for one). After chewing and licking the miracle fruit as much as I can for a few mintues without swallowing, the lemon slices and sugar-less lemon jelly taste nicely sweet, but towards the end I can taste the sourness coming back already. Fresh fruit platter maybe a better choice as you can try how different fruits turn sweet after eating the Miracle fruit. Apparently all the “desserts” in the menu are under 100kcal!

Namja Town (ナムコ・ナンジャタウン)

5 thoughts on “Namja Town (ナムコ・ナンジャタウン)

  1. That must be either a very big piece of bacon or a small size buns…
    Ha at first I thought the fried cheese balls were “curry fish ball” ^^;;;

    You have to pay to get in?!?! I checked the website, what a weird place, not sure what the theme is, a lot of snacks shop and haunted house…^^;;;

  2. It is both – the bacon is a big slice and the bun is small. I didn’t like the cheese ball so much – should have ordered normal fries.

    It is like a theme park(inside a shopping mall) so you need to pay an entrance fee. There are “attractions” inside that you can play. I tried playing them a few years ago but most of them are Japanese obake(ghosts)-related and I didn’t know what was going on. ^^;;; But there are also ice-cream city, gyoza street and other food-theme attractions. Well I just wanted to try the miracle fruit.

  3. Are the cheeseball those Brazilian kind? They would be good when it’s hot and fresh from oven~ The burger is like…breakfast burger~

  4. The cheeseballs taste too junky~ couldn’t finish. I queued for ages for the burger and had to walk around the theme park to look for a seat(no tables!).

  5. Just went here. Also my colleague recently recommended the place Boomin in Ikebukuro that you went to around this time. As usual you are years ahead of me.

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