Signifiant Signifie (シニフィアン・シニフィエ)



Currently my no.1 favourite bakery in Tokyo! The original shop is in Mishuku(三宿) which I’ve never visited – I always buy from the branch inside Takashimaya Nihonbashi. I must mention that the bread is very expensive. After spending like thousands of yen on only a small amount of bread I always regret a little(^^;;;), but after eating it I always crave more and can’t wait to go back to buy again. Highly recommended!

Signifiant Signifie (シニフィアン・シニフィエ)

3 thoughts on “Signifiant Signifie (シニフィアン・シニフィエ)

  1. Joan>
    Amazing thing is…everything is really good! Can’t pick a favourite~~

    Yes I am so spoiled by the quality of bread here in Japan. My foodie friends who went to Paris for eating tours all said that the quality of French food and French bread in Tokyo is just as good…and cheaper!

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