Topca (トプカ)


Murugi(chicken) curry – Indian style. Comes with a free boiled egg if you order the “Today’s recommended curry”.

A really nice curry shop about 10 mins walk from Akihabara(nearest subway station is Awajicho). There are two types of curry – European and Indian – each with a variety of menu options. In general Indian curries are much spicier and in my opinion much nicer than the European ones. Though I have this thing about curry with deep-fried things as toppings…which they have many options to offer from the European curry menu so I ended up trying them all. The shop is opened everyday of the week; I often go on Sunday when the Japanese owner chef is in the kitchen, while in other days an Indian(?) chef will be in charge. Not every item on the menu is available on Sunday though. There is a branch in Ikebukuro which I had visited a long time ago(see tag).
Menchi curry – European. Cabbage salad.
マトンカリー、¥900。 欧風ポーク野菜カリー、¥950。
Mutton curry – Indian. I couldn’t eat the RAW onion on the rice…
Pork and vegetable curry – European.
Katsu(fried pork) curry – European.
Keema curry – Indian.
Hayashi rice. Croquette(potato) curry – European.
白身魚のカリー、¥1000。 牛すじ野菜カリー、¥950。
Fish curry – Indian. Hmm don’t like the fish so much.
Beef tendon and vegetable curry – European.
Chicken katsu curry – European. Pork curry – Indian.
スパイシーバターチキン、¥900。 ザ・ビーフ、¥1300。
Spicy butter chicken. Beef curry. These two are new menu and are both very good.

Menu(J) here.

Topca (トプカ)
Add: 1-11 Sudacho, Kanda, Chiyoda-ku
Tel: 03-3255-0707

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  1. Ha so many different types of curry~ Though European curry!? ^^;; haha…is it basically like Japanese curry with “European cooking meat”?

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