From the 12300yen dinner course. Maitake mushroom, yuba(tofu skin) and ikura.
Persimmon, kuruma-ebi prawn, anago eel, tsubugai shellfish in Shiraae(tofu dressing).
Nerimono(paste) made from oyster and tamago-dofu(egg tofu) and Tai snapper.
Seared wild torafugu(a kind of fugu) and Kanpachi.
Scallop with miso.
Layer grilled aubergine and kamasu, karasumi and yamaimo taro on the side, fried chestnut chips on top.
Kabu(turnip) and komochi-konbu(kelp covered with herring eggs).
Hirousu(fried tofu dumpling) with crab meat, Konjac, shimeji mushroom.

0811020099Kuromai(black rice) cooked with satsumaimo. Dessert is Kyohou(Japanese grape), black beans and pear in Persimmon sauce.

I really have mixed feelings about this kaiseki restaurant. Taste-wise, I think the ingredients used are truly top-notch but because of the way they are cooked and seasoned, I’m not entirely sure if I can introduce the restaurant as one of my favourites. Service-wise, since we were the only customers that night(this restaurant is reservation-only), the madam(and occasionally the chef too) were waiting right behind the counter and not doing anything as we ate and maybe I was just paranoid but I felt like I was being watched and felt quite uncomfortable. My Japanese friend didn’t seem to mind at all so that could just be my problem. After we finished our dinner, we started chatting a bit with the chef and the madam and that chat turned out to be a really long one because they are just the most friendly and nice people. You can really feel how hard the chef is trying to do his best in getting the freshest ingredients, creating good menu, communicating with customers, getting the best out of its location in a quiet residential area etc.. I do appreciate his efforts but then when it comes to food, preference is preference. ^^;;

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  1. すごい豪華な食材だね!!


  2. ふふふ、とらふぐ初めて食べたよ。

  3. Hi! I absolutely love your blog and I’m overwhelmed by the number of favourite food entries you have! I will be going to Tokyo in December and I hope you can recommend 2 really highly recommended japanese meals. I’ve a budget of 6000yen for each meal. Thanks a lot, really hope to hear from you soon!

  4. Oh mixed feeling for a 123000yen course ^^;;; perhaps if the price is lower the feeling won’t be as mixed? You were probably craving foie gras, creamy puree sauce ^^;; The seasoning ingredients sound Japanese (perhaps mainly yuzu sauce based?)

  5. wow this is an epic post! The picture of Seared wild torafugu and Kanpachi looks more amazing because of the dish.

  6. I think it is typo but just in case…it is 12300yen. ^^;;; Yeah maybe because I’ve had very delicious washoku course that are like 6000yen even at dinner so I can’t help feeling that the satisfaction I get in this place is not as much as I would expect for that price. Also it is something more fundamental…the flavour of dashi is somewhat lacking for my taste lor…

  7. jane>
    Sorry about the late reply. Somehow your comment got dumped as SPAM….
    For 6000yen, you can get nice washoku dinner course in “Itamaegokoro Kikuura” or “Suzunari”. In case they are fully booked, other options are “Yonezu”, “Kadota” and “Kuimonya Sudachi”. If you can go at lunch time, more upscale places offer cheaper lunch course around 5000yen such as “Kasumicho Suetomi” and “Ginza Toyoda”. Other options are “Sekihoutei”, “Ginza Asami” and “Aoyama Esaki”.

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