Nagomi Dining WAKU (和楽)

Complimentary appetizer is warm pumpkin.

I don’t normally go to this kind of trendy “modern Japanese dining” restaurants cos alcohol and nice interior seem to be the main focus while the food is usually not that great, but I was looking for a casual washoku place for a gathering near Shibuya area and the reviews on this place are quite positive so I decided to give it a try. The quality of food turns out to be pretty good. They have a regular menu, a seasonal menu and also a daily menu – everything we tried was nice. The drink menu(mostly Japanese sake) is quite extensive. I tried the store-made fig wine and red sour plum wine and they are both good. We printed out a coupon with a 10% discount and 4 of us shared all the food below plus 2-3 drinks each and the bill was about 4000yen per person – really a great deal! The restaurant is at the basement and is not that big – other than counter seats, all the tables were full on the Saturday night we went. But the atmosphere is quiet and relaxing – there is a table with sofa seats which looks so comfy. Service is friendly.
ラーメンサラダ 半熟玉子のせ(すりごま風味)、¥780。
Deep-fried Harumaki(spring roll) of Ebi Shinjou(prawn dumpling) and cheese.
Ramen salad with half-cooked egg(sesame seed dressing).
Deep-fried dumpling with avocado and bacon and cheese.
Prawn fritter with mayonnaise sauce.
Kanpachi(yellowtail) head grilled with salt.
Soramame green bean coated in black sugar. Sausage.
和牛のハラミ炙り焼き おろしポン酢、¥980。
牛すじのシチュー バケットを添えて、¥890。
Grilled Wagyu harami(skirt meat) with grated radish and ponzu.
Beef tendon stew with baguette.
Satoimo taro and eryngii mushroom Lasagne-style.
Mushroom rice in stone-pot. Takes 30mins to prepare.

0811290149豆乳豚しゃぶ鍋 コラーゲン入り(2人前)、¥2400。
Soy milk and pork shabu-shabu(portion for 2). The jelly thing on top is “collagen”. You can choose ramen or rice to add to the thick soup at the end – I think rice is better.

Today’s menu: 1, 2. (The regular and seasonal menu can be found in the restaurant’s homepage)

Nagomi Dining WAKU 和楽
Add: B1, 16-6, Sakuragaokacho, Shibuya-ku
Tel: 03-3463-7035

4 thoughts on “Nagomi Dining WAKU (和楽)

  1. Wow, do they put dishes on that windmill? I do like modern Japanese places because sometimes classics Japanese could get a bit too…’subtle’ and repetitive. Or more like, I can get better modern Japan than classic Japan here in LA ^^;;. The Soramame green bean reminds me of those “Sweet Natto” (my childhood favorite).

  2. Haha, we were saying they should put some condiments on the windmill but I guess it is not so stable. You ate those dried beans coated in sugar when you were small? I absolutely hated those…actually I tried one of the soramame and didn’t touch it again. ^^;;;

  3. Looks so good!
    “Deep-fried dumpling with avocado and bacon and cheese.” > so LA!
    The “Satoimo taro and eryngii mushroom Lasagne-style” is very tempting~~

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