Comme d’habitude (コム・ダビチュード)

Delicious homemade bread. Chicken mousse with chestnut soup.
Gobo(burdock root) soup with pan-fried fish.
Country pate, Comme d’habitude style.
Wild boar stewed in red wine. Comes with endives and white asparagus.
Banana and white chocolate souffle.

Love this little French restaurant in Ikejiri(one stop from Shibuya). Very tiny place with only 3 tables for 2(kinda cramped together), a few counter seats, and a table for 4 tugged at a corner. We had the 3500yen lunch course which includes 2 appetizers, main, dessert and coffee. I chose my main from the “gibier” menu so there was an additional charge of 1000yen(but it was totally worth it). More essential $$ details: there is no service charge, tax included, free refill of bread(you’ve got to ask though), free plain water(there is also a big list of mineral water), glass wine is 750~1100yen. The food was delicious and my friend was very impressed by the minimum amount of salt used – the usual unpleasant pangs of thirst didn’t follow.

Bought some scones from globe antiques which is nearby.

Comme d’habitude(コム・ダビチュード)
Add: 2-7-4 Ikejiri, Setagaya-ku
Tel: 03-3487-7686

8 thoughts on “Comme d’habitude (コム・ダビチュード)

  1. Awwww, I don’t think the money-details are vulgar at all! But I’m American…

    Thanks for the pictures as always. We should eat together some time!

  2. Oops. Bad word to use. I didn’t even mean it….dropped immediately. btw, thanks for the great review and the precious photos of Quintessence. Now I can show them to friends who are visiting Tokyo and are interested in dining there – I only went there for lunch once and picture-taking was still allowed at that time.

  3. mmmmm…it sure looks like a great meal! I love that souffle! I’d like to invite you to take some time to drop by at Foodista. We have launched an online food and cooking encyclopedia ala wikipedia where you can contribute and share what you know about food (japanese food?), recipes, and cooking techniques.

    Do drop by…we’d love to have you over!

  4. Oh that’s lovely, tiny bistro with a heart and good food! So you pay extra to have game meat, do you get to choose or it depends on what they have seasonally?

  5. They have a whole list of game meat, with varying additional charge. Oh they forgot to charge me the additional fee for choosing wild boar until I reminded them, and the madam was like “Oh thank you so much”. ^^;;;

  6. Wow chestnut soup with chicken mousse, that sound like heaven! Sounds like a place I would like, I like small hidden place like that.

  7. I wish it were foie gras mousse rather chicken mousse though…asking for too much? ^^;;;

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