Brasserie Paul Bocuse Daimaru Tokyo

鴨のテリーヌ カンパーニュ風。
Duck Terrine Campagne style.
ガンバス海老のポワレ リゾットと共に(+¥300)。
“ムッシュ ポール・ボキューズ”のクレーム・ブリュレ。
Pan-fried Gambas prawn with risotto(+Y300).
Creme Brulee.
From the Y2860 lunch course(+Y300 for the prawn).

I’m quite impressed by this place! Honestly I wasn’t expecting high for this place because it’s located on the top floor of a department store(Daimaru Tokyo) and we could easily get a table for a weekend lunch even though we only booked the night before….but I was surprised by how high the quality of the food was. Appetizer, main, dessert….everything was so well prepared and delicious. Plus we got a table next to the window and had a nice view over the streets. All of that for about Y4000(including a glass of champagne which was reasonably priced). Incredible value!

Menu 1, 2.

Brasserie Paul Bocuse Tokyo Daimaru

2 thoughts on “Brasserie Paul Bocuse Daimaru Tokyo

  1. I’m bias against restaurants that’s inside mall/department stores too. This is a better deal than the last place.

  2. Now Brasserie Paul Bocuse have many branches in Tokyo.
    It’s amazing that we don’t have one of his brasseries in HK.
    I guess Tokyo is one of the best cities to eat out!

    I went to the National Art Centre brunch when it’d just opened.
    It was a wonderful culinary experience.

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