ねんりん家 (Nenrinya)


0906040002There are two types of Baumkuchen from Nenrinya – hard type and soft type. The hard type is sugar-glaced and much sweeter but since it’s baked for a longer time, it has a nicer aroma and texture. The soft one is lighter. I bought the fresh type which only last for the day, but there are also more lasting types(i.e. preservatives added).

0908230015Chocolate flavour is nice too!
ねんりん家 (Nenrinya)


(Mar 06, 2009)
Ispahan. Deux mille Feuilles. Both are so delicious!!
(Apr 25, 2009)
Mille Feuilles Ispahan.
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(Apr 11, 2007)
モガドール: パッションフルーツ風味のミルクチョコレートガナッシュ。
マカロン ペーシュ・アブリコ・サフラン: サフラン風味の白桃のガナッシュ、柔らかアプリコット。
Mogador(left): Passion fruit and milk chocolate Ganache.
Macaron Peche Abricot Safran(right): Safran-flavoured peach Ganache and apricot.
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ピスターシュ: ピスタチオガナッシュ。
ショコラ: ビターチョコレートガナッシュ。
Pistache(left). Chocolat(right).
カフェ: コーヒー風味のガナッシュ。
シトロン: レモン風味のクリーム。
Also coffee, lemon, vanilla, and rose flavour.
The best macarons I have had so far(not that I am the macaron expert…). Love rose flavour the most!

L’oiseau de Lyon (ロワゾー・ド・リヨン)

This French cake shop is not new but it has just opened a cafe on the second floor recently. I always complain that there is no nice place for cake and tea around Yushima area(walkable distance from Ueno or Akihabara) so I am really happy(you can tell that by how many times I’ve visited in just a few months….)

Saint Honore(tea flavour). It is served on second-floor cafe only and is not available for take-away. Love the cream but the chou aren’t as crispy as I would like.
Mont Blanc. One whole Japanese chestnut in the middle.
Apple tart. A bit sour but pretty nice.
Chocolate tart with caramel mousse with nuts.
Chocolate mousse with creme brulee in the middle – very nice!
Strawberry tart. Royal Milk Tea.
Garnet: 4 types of berry mousse and white chocolate mousse.
Chou cream with 2 different tea-flavoured cream.
Pecan: Coffee cream and Pecan nuts. Heavy but very good!
Left: Opera(chocolate cream and coffee cream). Frasier(strawberry cake with custard cream and butter cream). These two cakes are absolutely wonderful.
Right: Tart with blueberry and apricot jam. Chou Parisian(the cream inside is delicious but the crust isn’t so crispy).
タルトシトロン マカロン入り。ティラミスロール。
Tart citron with macaron. Only remember the macaron was nice.
Tiramisu roll. Hmm the sponge cake part was not as smooth as I expected.
Chocolate and Praline mousse with halzelnut. Very good. I think mousse cake won’t go wrong in this place.
Chou Parisian. One more try but still not crispy crust.
パリブレスト。 Paris-Brest.
Croissant is sweet here and is my favourite! You can choose the pastry/bread from the bakery on the first floor and eat in the cafe.
Quiche with mushroom.
Croissant with almond cream.
Canele is a MUST-TRY. I always buy a dozen and force everyone I know to try it.
Around Christmas time you get a piece of Stollen to try if you eat in the cafe. Unfortunately I really really hate marzipan…
Cheese cake is surprisingly nice with a hint of orangy flavour. “Bostock”(sp?) is the round brioche pastry with almond paste and icing sugar on top.
Marron pie. Olive bread. Tomato bread.
3 kinds of very nice brioche bread. Walnut and cherry. Raisin and Pecan nuts. Apricot and fig.
La Galette des Rois. I am lazy to explain so read about it here. The pie is very crispy with almond cream inside.

L’oiseau de Lyon’s original La Galette des Rois with chocolate ganache and yuzu confit. The yuzu flavour is nice but I prefer the standard one with almond cream.

Drink menu here.

Forgot the name but it is really good chocolate mousse cake!

L’oiseau de Lyon (ロワゾー・ド・リヨン)
Add: 3-42-12, Yushima, Bunkyo-ku
Tel: 03-3831-9901

DEMEL (デメル)

Demel’s cafe in Omotesando. I got really interested after reading potatomato’s post here. Of course I had to try Sachertorte, which err…turned out to be hard and dry and unbearably sweet….
アンナトルテ。 トラッフルトルテ。
Anna Torte: The Hazelnut and chocolate cream layer on top is again too sweet but the orange-flavour sponge cake is pretty nice.
Truffle Torte: This is the least sweet amongst the three we had ordered. Like my friend said, it is basically a giant truffle chocolate. ^^;; The chocolate sponge and ganache give it a soft texture which I quite like. Coffee is very nice too – very very bitter which is perfect to go with super sweet cakes.

DEMEL (デメル)
Add: 1-13-12, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku
Tel: 03-3478-1251

Mont St. Clair (モンサンクレール)

キャラメル ポワール:洋なしとキャラメルのムース、ラム酒風味のレーズン。
Mint mousse with banana cream, apricot jelly, orange-raisins.
Pear and caramel mousse with rum raisins.
Pistachio. Maple and walnut. Strawberry sable.

A SUPER famous cake shop in Jiyugaoka. My first visit to this place was some 4-5 years ago and I still remember vividly that I’d ended up waiting for one and a half hour just for a seat to eat inside. Seriously I didn’t expect it was going to be such a long wait otherwise I would’ve given up. I was too traumatized to go back ever since. ^^;;; The cafe space can only accommodate about 6 people at a time so I guess the long wait is inevitable. The best is to take away if you are going home right way.

I took a friend from overseas who, for some reason, wanted to “eat cakes in Jiyugaoka”. There are other cakes shops in Jiyugaoka but I guess Mont St. Clair is the most famous. We arrived at around 3pm on a holiday and there weren’t that many people waiting but that was probably because most of the cakes had been sold out. The staff told us that more cakes would be ready in about one and a half hour so we left our names and booked two seats for 4:30pm. When we came back, the queue waiting for seats was really long….we picked our cakes, waited for about 10mins, and in front of all the people in the queue, we were seated first. It was an awkward situation of feeling relieved and guilty at the same time. Both cakes we had were very nice – my friend seemed very satisfied. Though I can’t help thinking that, with so many good cake shops in Tokyo, there is really no need to go through so much just to eat here…^^;;

Mont St. Clair (モンサンクレール)
Add: 2-22-4 Jiyugaoka, Meguro-ku
Tel: 03-3718-5200

Cold Stone Creamery

Coconut ice-cream, raspberry, sponge cake and coconut.
Earl grey ice-cream, almond, sponge cake and cinnamon.
Earl grey ice-cream, strawberry, Graham Cracker Pie Crust and honey.
Caramel ice-cream, brownie, caramel sauce and almond.
Rich bitter chocolate ice-cream, cherries, brownie and whipped cream.
Berry shiner: Plaine sorbet, strawberry, blueberry, raspberry juice.
グリーン ティー パーティー:グリーンティーアイスクリーム、スポンジケーキ、ダブルホイップクリーム、抹茶パウダー。
White chocolate ice-cream, double strawberries, white chocolate chip.
Green tea ice-cream, sponge cake, double whipped cream, matcha powder.
クーリーズ マンゴアンドマンゴ、¥600。
Coolly’s Mango & Mango.
Earl Grey ice-cream, chestnut, sponge cake, whipped cream.

Earl grey ice-cream is really delicious! Too bad it is only available for a limited period.

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(02 June 2007)
ファウンダーズ フェイバリット: スイートクリームアイスクリーム、ブラウニー、ピーカンナッツ、チョコファッジ、キャラメルソース。
チョコレート デヴォーション: チョコレートアイスクリーム、ブラウニー、チョコチップ、チョコファッジ。
Founder’s Favorite(S): Sweet cream ice-cream, brownie, pecan nut, choco fudge, caramel sauce. Very nice! Love the brownie!
Chocolate Devotion(M): Chocolate ice-cream, brownie, choco chip, choco fudge. A little too sweet for me.
Somehow, S is too small, M is too big.
060208 036060210 022
アイランドライフ: チーズケーキアイスクリーム、バナナ、パイナップル、マンゴ。
Island Life(S): Cheese cake ice-cream, banana, pineapple and mango. Not much of cheese cake taste…got the ice-cream wrong?
Custom creation(S): Banana ice-cream, apple pie filling, Graham Cracker Pie Crust, white chocolate chips. Should have been less greedy and skipped the white choc chip. ^^;;
060215 010060219 096
スイート ブロッサム: サクラアイスクリームにブルーベリー、ホワイトチョコチップ、ホイップクリーム。
Sweet Blossom(S): Sakura ice-cream, blueberry, white choco chip, whipped cream. This is spring special. Very good!
Custom creation(M): White chocolate ice-cream, strawberry, sponge cake and nougat candy. Good!
060221 0320706010016

ブラッシング マンゴ クラウド: マンゴアイスクリーム、ストロベリー、マンゴ、ホイップクリーム。

Custom creation(M): Strawberry ice-cream, brownie, raspberry and almond. Good.
Blushing Mango Cloud(M): Mango ice-cream, strawberry, mango and whipped cream. Summer special. Very good!
This branch is in Roppongi.
Menu(J) here.
Cold Stone Creamery

Le Chocolate de H (ル ショコラ ドゥ アッシュ)


0801270124ショコラショー、¥1050。 ステファン、¥399。
Stephan: Gateau cholate cake with almond caramelise. Chocolate chaud(hot chocolate). I love them both! Very very rich and smooth chocolate taste but not too sweet. The indoor cafe space is tiny but there are some big couches outside the shop which look comfortable.

Le Chocolate de H
Add: Roppongi Hills keyakizaka dori, Roppongi 6-12-4, Minato-ku
Tel: 03-5772-0075