Simmered fish set, 1200yen.
Grilled fish set, 1200yen.
Simmered pork set, 1200yen. All the 3 weekday lunches above include tororo(grated yam) and drink(coffee, tea or chinese tea).
Beef curry, 1800yen. I went to lunch on a Sunday and realised too late that the content of the lunch menu is the same as weekdays but the price is increased by 300yen. On weekdays this curry is 1500yen.


Very cute cafe restaurant which is also a goldfish store. The food is quite standard, nothing really stands out but it is decent for a relaxing lunch. Don’t mind having the very soft simmered pork again.

Lunch menu (J) on weekdays here, on weekends here.

N.B. Upon checking this place’s homepage, I notice the rise in price….fish lunch is now 1350yen err…

金魚坂 (Kingyozaka)
Add: 5-3-15 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku
Tel: 03-3815-7088

みはし 上野本店 (Mihashi Ueno Honten)

Ogura(red bean) ice-cream Anmitsu with Matcha ice-cream.
Cream(Milk soft ice-cream) Anmitsu with Ogura ice-cream.
Famous Anmitsu place that has a couple of branches. This one in Ueno is the original shop. The ice-cream/soft-cream are all very nice that I always can’t resist ordering extra scoop. The big rectangular chunk in the middle is red bean paste. Slightly sweet compared to other anmitsu places but I really like it.
Summer menu(J): 1, 2
Kuri(chestnut)-zenzai. Hot dessert with freshly grilled mochi inside.
Winter menu(J) here.
おぞうに、¥590。 あわぜんざい、¥520。
Ozoni. This is non-sweet.
Awa-zenzai – hot millet and red bean paste.
Fruit cream anmitsu with shiratama(rice flour dumpling).
くずもち、¥400。 金時ぜんざい、¥520。
Kuzu-mochi – made from kudzu starch, with kinako(soy bean) powder on top.
Kintoki-zenzai – grilled mochi with sweet beans.
抹茶フロート、¥450。 おでん茶飯、¥740。
Matcha juice with softcream. Oden and tea rice set.
Cream shiratama zenzai. Shiratama cream Anmitsu.

0804130011060322 058.jpg
Shiratama and Kintoki beans with sakura ice-cream toppings. Strawberry anmitsu. Both are spring menu.

Everything is very good in this place. The red bean, the ice-cream, the shiratama, the mochi are all so nice that any combination is great. After many visits, my favourite is actually the simple cream shiratama zenzai, but first-timer should definitely try the standard cream anmitsu. Oden is surprisingly good too.

Add: 4-9-7 Ueno, Taito-ku
Tel: 03-3831-0384

英鮨 (Hidezushi)

Sushi cheap eat place near Okachimachi station. There are a few sushi shops on the same little alley – I’ve tried “Sushi Ko”, and also “Kappa sushi”(no pics) which is very cheap at lunch time(2 for the price of 1) but I thought the fish didn’t taste fresh.
There are cheaper nigiri sets but I got the middle rank set(left pic). Hmm the fish tastes quite bland. Went back again for a late lunch. I was alone but I ordered from the a la carte anyway even though they come in 2-4 pieces. (Right pic)3 nigiri of Aji in the front. 2 Sanma at the back.
Additional orders of seared Iwashi and seared salmon.
Total was about 1700yen. The fish tasted much better than the sets. But I prefer “Sushi Ko” more.
英鮨 (Hidezushi)
Add: 4-2-11 Ueno, Taito-ku.
Tel: 03-5484-4419

寿司幸 (Sushi Ko)

1800yen sushi set followed up by one more shellfish sushi and shijimi-jiru(clam soup) not in the pics.

1200yen sushi set.

Thick slice of fish, good-for-the-price quality sushi near Okachimachi station. Seems quite popular as it is always packed with people when other sushi shops nearby are pretty empty. The atmosphere is casual and lively inside. The chef told me many tourists visit this shop and his eyes are trained well to tell the difference between Chinese, Korean and Japanese. Well he guessed that I was Korean….^^;;;
寿司幸 (Sushi Ko)
Add: 4-2-11 Ueno, Taito-ku.
Tel: 03-3831-9648

茶房 はん亭 (Sabou Hantei)

Hantei is a famous high-class kushiage(deep-fried food on skewers) restaurant. I’ve only been there for dinner once years ago and the old Japanese wooden building was very impressive; the food was delicious but also expensive(at least 10,000yen per person). This casual Japanese cafe “Sabou Hantei” is right next door and serves simple and cheap Japanese meals and desserts.
Grilled aubergine and pork shabu in tororo(grated yam) ponzu. Lunch set on weekdays includes either a coffee(with whipped cream) or a small “mamekan” – beans and kanten with “black honey”.
Uzaku meshi – Nagoya style unagi rice. For the first bowl, you have unagi and rice on its own, then you add the veggy pickles on the second bowl, and for the last you pour hot tea to make ochatsuke.
クリーム芋あん あんみつ、¥700。
Fried Sanma with grated radish and herb.
Anmitsu with ice-cream and sweet potato.
Salmon and root vegetables takiawase with miso.
Pork Tatsuta-age(marinated and deep-fried) with vegetables and seaweed sauce.
Soboro bento. Minced beef and egg are both sweet.
“Italy don”. Rice bowl with tomato, asparagus, onion, and lots of herbs.

Food here is absolutely delicious. Portion is generous. The staff are friendly. I always step out of this place full and satisfied. Though there are only a few options for lunch and they change only every few months. I basically tried everything on the summer, the autumn and the winter menu. My favourites are the pork Tatsuta-age, the unagi rice, and the Italy rice bowl. They serve Japanese sweets too but lunch set comes with dessert(during weekdays) so I’ve only tried the Animitsu which is good but I think specialised Japanese sweet shops are better, like this one nearby.
Menu(J): 1, 2, 3, 4.

茶房 はん亭
Add: 2-12-15 Nezu, Bunkyo-ku
Tel: 03-3827-5317

La Saetta(ラ・サエッタ)

Have been here before(see tag), but didn’t get around to try their brown rice lunch and dessert.
玄米ランチプレート、¥1000。 沖縄産寿豚パラ肉と季節野菜のボッリートミスト、サルサヴェルデ添え(+¥200)。
Brown rice lunch plate: Okinawa pork belly and seasonal vegetables pot-au-feu with Salsa Verde. The pork is soft and very nice with the green sauce. Also came with Minestrone, curry-taste omelette and brown rice. Dessert is panna cotta made from milk, which is unfortunately a bit bland. Lunch includes a small cup of either coffee, Okinawa herb tea or Genmai-cha.
Beef belly meat and mushroon Ragu sauce with hotspring egg.
玄米ランチプレート: オーストリア産牛ホホ肉の白ワイン煮込み マッシュポテト添え、¥1000。
Salsiccia, caper, mushroom, white wine sauce.
Cow cheek simmered in white wine with mashed potato. Again brown rice lunch comes with Minestrone.
築地直送 エビと有機野菜のフリット タルタル添え、¥1000。
Prawn and organic vegetables fritter with Tartare sauce. I asked for the Minestrone to come together with meal so that I can eat the brown rice with the soup, which is much nicer.
Oyster and mushroom, in cream sauce with beans.
築地直送 魚介のトマトソース、¥1000。
Seafood tomato sauce.

Very very nice lunch at an excellent price. The portion is big enough to fill me up and the quality is high. My favourites are Okinawa pork belly and prawn fritter; though everything is good. Too bad they only do lunch during Tue-Fri. This place is a bit hard to find but well worth the effort if you are in the area. Walkable distance from Okachimachi/Ueno.
Menu(J): 1, 2.
061003 004.jpg061003 002.jpg
自家製サルシャチャ 有機野菜のペンネ トマトソース、1000円。
A really old visit. Penne with Salsiccia and organic vegetables in tomato sauce. Very good! Salsiccia is Italian sausage I think. The waitor said it is the pork meat before it is made into sausages. The vegetables are very fresh, just cooked so very crunchy. The tomato sauce is sweet. Portion is just right. Definitely going back to try their brown rice lunch sets. The location is so hidden in the confusing little streets that it took me a long time to find though~

La Saetta
Add: 1-3-5 Ueno, Taito-ku
Tel: 03-3832-1311

鳥つね自然洞 (Toritsune Shizendou)

Tokujo Oyakodon, 1600yen. Tokujo is the highest rank in the menu.
More than anything, I love the egg! Very rich taste and smooth and still runny and just perfect with the super delicious rice. The chicken meat is still pink when served and I am sure it is fresh and everything but, hard, fatless chicken is just not my thing.
Jo-tataki Oyakodon, 1300yen. The staff warned me that the chicken meat is minced, but the combination of half-cooked egg and rice and minced chicken is so heavenly.
Tokujo Oyakodon with Motsu(chicken giblets), 1900yen. Motsu seems to be very popular and runs out really quickly. It is nice but that is a lot of motsu with one bowl of rice – even though I can eat it, I can’t eat a lot.
Oyakodon set. The simple oyakodon is the lowest rank in the menu, but…I actually like the chicken meat better than the highest rank one! It is soft! Hoever my impression is that the egg, and even the rice are not as delicious as the Tokujo. The set is 2100yen and includes a chicken salad and two Tori-shinjo(deep-fried minced chicken). Since lowest rank Oyakodon is only 1000yen, the salad and the shinjo alone cost 1100yen!
Jo-oyakon. Chicken is pink and soft and juicy! Like it!
Katsu-don. Fried chicken with egg.

In sum, I think for the egg and the rice, I like Tokujo the most, but for chicken meat, I prefer the middle rank Jo-oyakon and below. Jo-tataki is also a favourite. This place is very famous but there is no queue at lunchtime on weekdays.
Menu(J) here.
鳥つね自然洞 (Toritsune Shizendou)
Add: 5-5-2, Soto-Kanda, Chiyoda-ku (Not far from Akihabara)
Tel: 03-5818-3566