petit d’or (プティドール)

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061015 145Mont Blanc, Tarte aux Fruits, Tarte Poire, galette and matcha cookie. The Mont Blanc is the best! Multi-layers from top to bottom: marron cream, whipped cream, marron paste, sponge cake strong with alcohol, and chocolate coated sucré. It is very small but so rich with marron flavour – I love it! The fruit tart and the pear tart are not bad too, though the tart is the soft type, not the crispy type I like. The pear one is very sweet. The cookies however are no good, mainly because they are not properly sealed and are not crispy, even though I think they are probably not that old.
petit d’or

La Campana (ラ・カンパーナ)

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Holiday lunch at a Spanish restaurant. Gazpacho – Spanish chilled soup made from tomato, cucumber, onion and bell pepper. Very nice and refreshing.
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Bocadillo(Spanish sandwich) with grilled spicy pork, cheese and tomato. Also fried anago and spanish omelette and salad. Good quality food…and in large quantity! The baguette is fresh, the salad is delicious, and the anago is just fried and very hot. I did want a little bit more salt for the anago and the omelette, but I was happy enough.
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The lemon and chocolate cake is pretty normal though. Lunch menu here and here.
La Campana


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Garlic yakiniku, crab cream croquette and fried prawn. The menu says the sauce for the yakiniku is prepared with sesame seed, garlic, ginger, spring onion and other spices. It is quite good, in a junk tasting sort of way. Comes with rice – which I find very very yummy I dunno why and end up eating too much of it – and soup. Though for a male-oriented restaurant, the portion is not as big as I expected.

Trattoria La Croce (ラ・クローチェ)

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Salad with smoked salmon, omelette, salami, mozzarella and pate. Quite savoury.
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4種のチーズソース ペンネ。バナナケーキ。ランチは1260円。
Penne with 4 different kinds of cheese. It looks plain but the cheese sauce is very rich. The penne is unfortunately overcooked…banana cake is so-so. Instead of plain water they serve you (despite diluted) iced peach tea.
La Croce

Pesce (ペッシュ)

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060926 087.jpgプッタネスカ(オリーブ、ケッパー、アンチョビのトマトソース)、1050円。レモンチーズタルト、+210円。
Puttanesca(olive, caper, anchovy in tomato sauce). Lemon cheese tart. The tomato sauce tastes very canned tomatoes(^^;;) but hearty and comforting and in big portion – like eating at home. The tart is just so-so though. So many kids and seniors even on a weekday’s lunch time, probably living nearby?