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061110 043うにのクリームソーススバゲッティ、1200円。
Spaghetti with sea urchin cream sauce. Just okay, lots of mushrooms and pepper, the uni is a bit bitter, the spaghetti is hard as I like it. Very small local Italian restauarant with only counter seats. I have been here for lunch before but apparently they don’t do lunch anymore. The chef is black, who likes to chit-chat with customers.

RUCHI (バングラデシュ料理 ルチ)

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ムルギ マサラ: チキン骨付きもも肉のロスト風カレー(辛口)、850円。ナン、265円。
Dinner at a local but quite famous Bangladeshi restaurant. Murgi Masala: chicken thigh Masala curry, with lots of well-cooked onions in it. The chef warned me that it is very spicy, but turned out it wasn’t really. Very mild and sweet. Nice!

栄児(ロンアール) Ron-a-ru

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Tan-tan noodles(no soup), comes with salad(all cooked veggy) and boiled dumplings. Very local Szechuan restaurant that somehow got very famous because of its authentic Szechuan spiciness. First-timer will be strongly recommended by almost every waitress, every kitchen staff, every cook, over and over, to try the mild version first, but I stubbornly insisted on having the normal spicy version. Turned out it was actually okay, the tingling and numbing sensation from the Szechuan pepper spreads over your tongue and your mouth, which is quite scary, but because your tongue is numbed, you don’t really feel painful. ^^;; I couldn’t finish all the noodles though, not because it was too hot, but because it was a big bowl and I got really tired of the same taste. However the two waitresses came to me one after another saying, “See, I told you to get the mild one.” ^^;;; Very local and friendly ambience though, which is kinda contagious and makes you feel like chiming into the conversation between the customers and the very talkative waitresses.
Add: 3-34-12 Itabashi, Itabashi-ku.
Tel: 03-3961-9188

Cafe 登美亭 (Cafe Tomitei)

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I am sucker for cafes with wooden interior and have to venture in even though I know a cup of coffee will usually cost as much as lunch. ^^;; Milk crepe cake and coffee, 900yen.


060901 002.jpg060901 004.jpg
One of my friends said this Nepal/Indian restaurant was famous but at lunch time they only do buffets(950yen), which I tried anyway. There were four different kinds of curries(chicken curry was the best), naan and saffron rice, some fried snacks and simple salad, yogurt, chai and coffee. It is really not bad for a buffet lunch. The naan were cut into small pieces so you could take a small piece at a time and wait for new ones coming out hot from the oven when the old ones got cold.
060917 020.jpg060917 022.jpg
Went back for dinner. Nepal steamed dumplings “momo” – just like the chinese “sho lon po” but with lamb meat and thicker skin, quite nice though. The sauce in the middle was quite spicy. Cheese naan, very soft and the melted cheese had onion in it.
060919 006.jpg060919 014.jpg
シェフサラダ、480円。タンドリー スペアリブ、1300円。
Chef’s salad. Gosh isn’t it massive for 480yen?! A bit too much dressing.
Tandoori sparerib was absolutely wonderful! I couldn’t stop munching the bones covered in chilli paste. The meat was not as soft and tender as I had hoped but the hot spicy flavour satisfied my tastebuds so no complaints.
060925 019.jpg060925 012.jpg

060925 005.jpg豚あばら肉煮込みカレー(コルマソース)、ナン付きで1280円。マンゴヤンラッシ、480円。
Back to this nice local curry place. Pork sparerib curry(Korma sauce). Mild and creamy, very nice! The naan is soft and hot from the oven as usual, very massive but so good that you can finish it in no time and want more. Mango Lassi cocktail – very sweet and quite strong in alcohol.