Paris S’éveille (パリセヴェイユ@自由が丘)

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Ciboust caramel(orange compote in the middle). Simple but good.
サントノーレキャラメル。 タルト・ポンム・カシス。
Saint Honoré Caramel. Tarte Pomme(apple) Cassis.
Both are popular items and get sold out quickly so I called up in advance to reserve. Both are very nice! It was very busy on a Sunday afternoon so we had to wait for a bit to get a table. My friends ordered the weekend-only dessert plates and they looked great. Going to try that next time.
Mango mousse cake.

060430 076.jpgGreen apple mousse tart. Chocolate tart with praline cream inside and passion fruit cream on top – wonderful!

Paris S’éveille
Add: 2-14-5 Jiyugaoka, Meguro-ku
Tel: 03-5731-3230


Left: Chocolate and marron mousse cake.
Right: Prize-winning chocolate cake. Has orange liqueur in it.
Left: Ciboust. This is very good!
Right: Mont Blanc.
Left: Chocolate mousse cake with Jasmine brulee and Camomile sauce. Nice fragrance.
Right: Saint Honoré. My favourite!
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061021 075They also have very nice cookies. Light and fluffy and crispy all at once. The one in the pack has ginger taste, very spicy and good! Not in picutres are marron galette, macaron and financier. All very good.

The cake shop is in Yokohama. A bit far for me, but it is only about 3 mins walk from the nearest train station and they have a cafe for eating in. I have tried their cakes before(see tag) when they had a booth space inside a food mall in Shibuya station.

Patisserie Mariage (パティスリー マリアージュ)

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Mont Blanc. Marron crepe.
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Chocolate mousse cake. Camenbert cheese cake.
I liked the cheese cake, which was soft souffle with melted cheese in the middle. The rest were pretty normal though. I had problem finishing the chocolate mousse one cos it was too sweet and not chocolatey enough. The cake shop is located on a beautiful tree-lined avenue, and when I went on another sunny day on the weekends, the ceiling-to-floor windows were all opened up and people were sitting outside. I loved the interior and couldn’t help snapping lots of pictures but I was told off by the staff….later I realised that no-photo signs were all over the shop…^^;;;; So the second time I bought take-away instead, but they didn’t pack the cakes properly and they ended up a bit of a mess(the photos show the unsquashed sides). There was a sign next to the cashier telling customers not to carry cakes with bicycles….err….
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キャラメル オレンジ。蜂蜜とイチジク。オレンジピールのパンケーキ。
Caramel and orange: Orange and caramel chiboust. There are caramel sauce and almonds in the middle layer. Tastes okay. I have tried a couple of cakes from this place but none of them is really impressive. However, they do have a large collection of cookies and baked finger cakes so I tried a couple of those. Honey and semi-dried fig Madeleine. Pound cake with orange peels.
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Financier in Teddy bear shape. Madeleine with marron and cassis. Galette. All of them are actually quite good, a bit on the light-tasting side. Particularly like the pound cake which is the only one rich with butter, and the sour-sweet madeleine with marron and cassis.
Patisserie Mariage