NAKANO SHOKUDO Aux provencaux (オー・プロヴァンソー)


Foie gras terrine with fig simmered in red wine.
Duck confit. Desserts from the wagon.

Tried this French restaurant that opened last year after hearing quite positive reviews from friends. The food didn’t disappoint! Lunch course I had was 3000yen; there is also a 2500yen lunch course which serves the daily soup instead of appetizer. There are a few choices for the appetizers, but for the main dish, you can either choose fish or meat. Limited choice is fine for cheaper weekday lunch, but I went on a weekend and I did wish they had more options for the main. There is no service charge and tax is included in the price so the value is not bad. Glass wine is 840yen. The foie gras terrine is one of the best I’ve had recently and it is even better than more expensive places. The main and the dessert are both very decent. Definitely will go back for dinner!

Lunch menu(J) here.

Aux provencaux
Add: 1-3-9 Hirakawacho, Chiyoda-ku
(near Koujimachi or Hanzoumon subway station)
Tel: 03-3239-0818

Sucre Sale (スクレ・サレ)

060909 004.jpg060909 011.jpg

060909 015.jpg1890円のランチ: 海老とタコのマリネ、自家製豚バラ塩漬け肉のカ リカリ焼き マスタードソース、プルーンタルト。
Marinated prawn and octopus salad. Grilled salted belly pork with mustard sauce. Prune tart. The belly pork was so fatty but very juicy and good. The salad and dessert were fixed for the course and both were a bit boring…This place was supposed to be big portion and cheap but I thought the portion and the price were pretty normal. Also….the waitor is a very scary character!! Bald and not smiling and not very polite…and he was staring at us while we were having our salad which made me so uneasy, especially my friend who had never been to a French restaurant in Japan and she was pretty nervous because of him. Luckily more customers came and filled up the place later and we forgot about him. ^^;;
Sucre Sale

Maison Cache-Cache(メゾン カシュカシュ)

060629 012.jpg060629 013.jpg
Today’s appetizer: duck Pate.
060629 017.jpg060629 022.jpg
Sticky rice and wild rice wrapped in anago(eel), curry sauce.
(My choice)Roasted pork confit.
060629 030.jpg060629 031.jpg
(My choice)Pineapple creme d’anjou.
Crepe with kirsch ice-cream and warm honeyed American cherry.
I was expecting a tiny bistro, but this place turned out to be quite spacious and comfortable, the atmosphere was lovely too. As my friend pointed out, most of the customers were girls. Dinner course is only 3600yen, so cheap!
Maison Cache-Cache

Restaurant MIYAHARA (レストラン ミヤハラ)

0924 002.jpg0924 007.jpg0924 004.jpg

0924 008.jpg0924 011.jpg

0924 012.jpg0924 014.jpg
3500yen lunch. Scallop and salmon millefeuille, tomato soup, lamb stew and tea creme brulee. I like the grilled vegetables on the side and the dessert.
0530 011.jpg0530 016.jpg
1575yen lunch. Salad, duck confit, passion fruit sorbet and coffee.