The French Kitchen (フレンチ キッチン)


From the 5800yen(+10% service charge) lunch buffet.
Egg Benedict. A glass of champagne that is included.
Appetizer. Omelette with your choice of ingredients.
Second round of appetizer…
Main dish is chosen from the menu at beginning and is served when you are done with the appetizers. Braised lamb shoulder, merguez sausage, couscous and harissa.
Desserts. French toast.
You can choose the fruits from the counter and they are cut nicely and delivered to your table.
Refillable coffee or tea are also included.

Very good-value lunch buffet. I especially like the French toast, egg benedict(though not the usual fare with English muffins) and omelette. The restaurant is inside Grand Hyatt Tokyo in Roppongi Hills. Compared to New York Grill, I like all the hotel-breakfast menu here, but I think the appetizers and the desserts are better in NYG(the salad and appetizers are slightly on the oily side here). FK is cheaper though.
Menu here.

0908170068(Aug 17, 2009)
Went back on a weekday for the lunch buffet. It was much cheaper(Y3800) but there wasn’t as much variety of dishes as the weekend buffet – all the breakfast items(omelette/french toast) were not available. Also it didn’t come with champagne. I had the fish for the main this time, which was just okay.

Il Teatro(Four Seasons Hotel)

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060810 033.jpgBanana pancake and French toast. I saw this hotel breakfast on TV and it looked really good, so dragged a friend to try with me. Well, another example that TV gourmet recommendations are not trustworthy. Both are no good! The French toast is so dry that it gets stuck in your throat and won’t go down. There are orange puree and nuts in the toast, and apple cinnamon on top. Very little or no egg. My friend’s pancake is slightly better, but really, nothing special, you need to add a lot of syrup and butter to get it down your throat. We ordered coffee and it came up to 2700~yen each.
Four Seasons Hotel