La Coquillage (ル・コキヤージュ)

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060219 003ル ミディ(アンチョビのガレット): アンチョビ・ツナ・小エビ・トマト・ブラックオリーブ・玉子・グルリエールチーズ。
Le Midi(Anchovy galette): Buckwheat crepe with anchovy, tuna, prawn, tomato, black olives, egg and cheese. It is very tasty! Very big too. Lunch is 980yen, comes with dessert(bavarois with orange sauce – a bit bland) and coffee.
La Coquillage

Pothot (ポポット@学芸大学)

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Very good galette and crepe! 2000yen lunch course. Ham, cheese, apple, celery and grape salad. Egg, cheese, merguez and mushroom galette. Butter and sugar and jam crepe. Pear and chocolate crepe(separate order). Cidre and coffee included.