Apicius (アピシウス)

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Lunch at a luxurious “Grand Maison”(I wonder if this is a Japanese term?). 8000yen lunch course.
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殻入りスクランブルエッグ キャビアと雲丹のハーモニー。
小笠原産 海亀のコンソメスープ(+1900円)。
Scrambled egg stuffed in eggshell with caviar and sea urchin. Maybe a little too filling for a starter.
Ogasawara green sea turtle consomme soup(+1900yen). This is a chef’s specialty that my friend requested to add to the course. Nice smell. Particular taste. Good for skin apparently.
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060108 039手長海老と冬のきのこ カネロニ仕立て。
狩猟鴨のビトック サルミソース。
Cannellonis of scamp and mushrooms. The sauce is made from prawn. Quite good.
“Bitoke” of hunted bird with salmis sauce. If I had known that Bitoke meant hamburger I would have chosen a different course. ^^;; The paste on the side is chestnut.
5 different wagon desserts for you to choose. Normally they don’t serve “a bit of everything”, but the restaurant was quite empty that day so they made an exception. Mango mousse is nice.
This week’s lunch menu here.

Les Creations de NARISAWA

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This restaurant is very popular and difficult to book. I booked it like a month early…before I went back to HK. But actually it wasn’t completely full on a weekday lunch. There were 3 different lunch courses and we chose the most reasonably priced, 4725yen course. The restaurant is dauntingly high-class….there was a doorman to open the door for us…took our coats and all. I was kinda timid about taking pictures in such a place but my friend was nice enough to ask the waitor for me about taking pictures of the food, and the waitor said it was okay. Even though the restaurant has quite a snobby atmosphere, the waitors are certainly not snobby at all. And it turns out the alcohol drinks are not too expensive either.
The little snacks are ham and fish.
Appetizer: Marinated seabass. Very refreshing.

060120 043.jpgDuck consomme soup, with winter vegetables and foie gras royale. Some foie gras mousse thing is under the soup. It is alright, not too much impression.

060120 044.jpg060120 048.jpg
Main: Pie of gibier pate. The sauce is made from venison, both meat and blood. The pie was really nice but I thought the sauce was a bit too heavy and salty, especially the spinach was drenched in it.

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Rose and strawberry. Little dessert before the main dessert.
Pear and “verveine” mille-feuille. Dunno what verveine is. Very crispy slices, not too sweet, very nice! The ice-cream is ginger flavour.

060120 063.jpgThen when I thought it was over, a wagon of desserts came to our table. At first I thought it was extra order but my friend told me it was included in the lunch course! You could choose as many as you want from the selection, about 10 of them, but considering my stomach condition, I just had three. I was glad that I had only 3, because there were really sweet. My friend treated me a glass of champagne~~and I only paid for the course itself, about 5500yen including tax and service change.

Les Creations de NARISAWA

Point de depart (ポワン・ドゥ・デパー)

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051123 061.jpgDinner course. Chicken liver mousse and Platinum pork rillettes. First appetizer: Lobster consomme gelee, hair crab and cauliflower bavarois, organic spinach sauce. Second appetizer: Iberico pork ravioli, red wine sauce. Main: Roasted Col-vert duck, mushroom and potato on the side. Dessert: Marron souffle. I chose gibier(wildlife animal) for my main dish and ordered wine so it came up to over 11000yen…^^;;; Very nice though! The pork dumplings were wonderful too. And gosh, I had two souffles in a day….but this one is chestnut flavour with chestnut ice-cream….I can never resist chestnut!

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Point de depart