自然食レストラン 元気亭 (Genki-tei)

Steamed organic vegetables in seiro. Comes with brown rice and soy milk soup.
You eat the vegetables with sesame sauce or ponzu.

Soy milk gratin set(1300yen): macaroni and veggy gratin, salad, homemade bread, dessert and drinks(herb tea).
すこやかセット、¥950。本日の主菜:春雨と野菜の炒め煮。 ゆり根と玄米餅入りおぜんざい、¥600。
Today’s lunch set: Stir-fried harusame(green bean vermicelli) and vegetables. Yurine(Lily bulb) and brown rice mochi zenzai.
Vegetarian curry with brown rice.

0711290055本日の主菜: 生揚げのはさみ揚げ。ぎっしり 木の実のタルト、¥450。
Today’s lunch: Fried tofu sandwiched with fu. Many seeds tart.

Super healthy organic/vegetarian restaurant. Depending on what you order, the quality can vary from “quite delicious”(fried tofu), to “bland but okay”(curry/steamed veggy) to “pretty horrible”(harusame/soy milk grain). The zenzai and the seed tart are not included in the lunch sets – both are not bad in a healthy-tasting sort of way. The rice is refillable(except for the curry), but one bowl is really more than enough cos the main dishes are not the kind that makes you want to eat more rice(good for diet!). There is a healthy food store on the first floor too.
Menu(J): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.
元気亭 (Genki-tei)
Add: 3-24-10 Ryougoku, Sumida-ku
Tel: 03-3632-3933

美味一服 めぐり (Meguri)

Organic cafe serving very good Japanese set meals. It is on the second floor of a big kimono store. Many madams in kimono during lunch time! Healthy lunch set is 1000yen. You can choose plain rice, brown rice or takikomi-gohan which is rice cooked with mushroom, vegetables etc. This place is not vegetarian as they serve fish, such as maguro(tuna), though it is in healthy amount.

Lunch set including a small maguro rice bowl, 1300yen. Sesame seed pudding, 650yen.
The veggy dishes change everyday. I usually have brown rice but this day I had rice with Japanese chestnuts. If you order the set meal, you can order a small dessert for 300yen. I had the softcream with blueberry sauce. The softcream here has won some reward apparently. It is nice but I am not sure why it is so special….
京うどんセット、¥1000。 マロンソフト、¥800。
Kyoto udon set with one veggy side dish, 1000yen. Udon on its own is 700yen.
Marron soft, 800yen. Expensive but quite nice with whole marron on top, marron bits here and there, and marron cream at the bottom.
Rice porridge with many grains and chinese medicine ingredients, plus a salad, 1300yen.
Usual lunch set. “Shiratama Zenzai Soft”(850yen) is just okay though.
Cold udon with sesame sauce, 1000yen.
Cheese cake, 650yen. Tastes normal, and still a bit frozen.
お茶漬け、¥700。 抹茶 ア・フォガード、¥800。
Ochatsuke, 700yen. For the standard lunch set, you can ask for second helping of the rice, but that is not available for ochatsuke. I didn’t know that and I ate one bowl of rice with half of the toppings and saved half for the next bowl. Ended up having to order another bowl of rice, which is, well, 200yen only.
Softcream with freshly made matcha, 800yen. This is nice.

The standard healthy lunch set is the best, both in quality and value. Soup udon is nice too. For desserts, all the softcream parfaits and the sesame seed pudding are good. Though I think the price of dessert is too high….I still order it everytime though….

Menu(J): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13.

美味一服 めぐり (Meguri)
Add: 2F Ueno 1-20-11, Taito-ku
Tel: 03-3834-5154

谷中カフェ (Yanaka Cafe)


0709190034Very tiny cafe offering healthy organic food. Lunch set with genmai(brown rice) is 1000yen, including coffee which is quite nice. You can choose either seafood or organic vegetables, but the veggy was sold out so I had the sauteed scallop. The portion is really small!! Taste-wise it is okay – the brown rice was quite soggy.

060319 079.jpg自家製2豆とそばがきのパフェ、ドリンクセットで1200円。Super ultra healthy-tasting Japanese-style parfait. ^^;
Menu(J) here.
谷中カフェ(Jap. & Eng.)

根津の谷 (Nezu no ya)

Organic restaurant that doesn’t use meat, fish, egg, dairy products, white rice, white salt, white sugar…etc. Left pic is the front of the store selling organic goods.
Today’s lunch(1100yen): Tofu hamburger, wakame and cucumber with vinegar, simmered shredded radish, genmai(brown rice), and miso soup. The tofu burger is really nice. The brown rice is easy to eat. Though the portion is so small that I got hungry really quickly. I went back again for lunch a few times afterwards when I wasn’t feeling too hungry, and the small portion healthy veggy lunch was just right. Right pic is vegetable curry, 1000yen.
You can get to the restaurant through the organic store, or through an entrance at the back. The restaurant is only opened for lunch, except on Fri when it is also opened for dinner. I tried the dinner set(1300yen): chilled udon, vegetable and atsuage, sesame tofu, fried veggy with miso, genmai onigiri.
Fried tofu sandwich(potato and carrot in the middle), Jew’s marrow, sweet potato and red kidney beans nimono(stewed dishes).
Genmai onigiri set.
I guess the restaurant is trying to be environmental friendly – the air-conditioning is minimal even on a very very hot summer day, and simply no air-con at night with only the doors opened. There is no paper napkins on the tables…my nose was running while I was eating the curry and I had nothing to wipe my nose…bring your own tissue to this restaurant!
060821 004.jpg060821 014.jpg
An old visit. Today’s lunch is fried summer vegetables, sashimi konjak and okra with vinegar and miso, simmered string seaweed, brown rice and miso soup. Love the vegetables and the brown rice. Though the konjak had some really bad fish smell…^^;; After I took picture of the interior, customers kept coming in and filled up the place, all of them either elderly or girls.
Lunch menu(J): 1, 2, 3, 4.
Dinner menu(J): 1, 2.

根津の谷(Nezu no ya)
Add: 1-1-14, Nezu, Bunkyo-ku
Tel: 03-3823-0030

der Akkord (アコルト)

Apple jam pie and yomogi anpan. Just these two cost 997yen! But understandable since this bakery is 100% strict organic/macrobiotic: doesn’t use sugar, animal products or chemicals. All the ingredients are either homemade or carefully selected. Taste-wise…the yomogi bread tastes like grass and the red bean inside has a strange sour and salty taste…^^;; But the apple pie is crispy and the apple filling is sweet(natural kind). Very “whole food” tasting but quite like it.
Went back another day to get the pumpkin pie and coconut cake. The coconut cake has too much raisins in it…I gave up halfway. The pumpkin pie is good but I prefer the apple pie.
der Akkord
Add: 5-45-5 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku
Tel: 03-6419-2928