GALERIE CAFE LE GRAND (ガルリ・カフェ・ル・グラン)



Mont Blanc made from Japanese chestnut. Chestnut paste on top, cream in the middle, and merengue at the bottom. Very good and not too sweet overall. The house blend coffee included in the cake set(1200yen) is very nice too. Such a cozy little cafe in the middle of Ginza.
Went back again twice after having dinner in Ginza. It is opened til 23:30 so rather handy. Though they don’t do cake+drink sets at night.
Cheese cake is soft and creamy. Mille-feuille is a bad choice…don’t order it.
Mont Blanc again. New kind of chestnut since Oct and much richer than last time. Strawberry cake is not bad.
Drink menu(J) here.
Add: 5-10-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku
Tel: 03-3289-1550

epanoui (エパヌイ)

江戸前穴子のポワレ リゾット添え 赤ワイン風味のソース。
Amuse: Soramame(broad bean), ham and short pasta.
Appetizer: Pan-fried anago with cheese risotto in red wine sauce. Very Japanese.
イベリコ・デ・ベジョータのカイエット 甘酸っぱいソースをかけて: 豚のひき肉と野菜を網脂で包んで焼き上げ甘酸っぱいソースをかけた。
Cold potato potage.
Main dish: Minced Iberico pork and vegetables in sweet and sour sauce. So it is a high-class pork hamburger. ^^;;;

クレーム・キャラメル キャラメルのアイスクリーム添え。プラリネのミルフゥィユ チョコレートのアイスクリーム添え。ガナッシュのヴァロティーヌ オレンジ風味 コーヒーのアイスクリーム添え。
Three desserts my friends and I shared. Creme caramel(pudding) with caramel ice-cream. Praline mille-feuille with chocolate ice-cream. Ganache cake with orange flavour, coffee ice-cream.

We had the 3990yen dinner course. Soup is additonal order, 525yen. Food is not bad. Very good value for a full course dinner. The homemade bread is delicious. The anago and hamburger I had were fine but my friends were disappointed that their foie gras appetizer, lamb and fish were all a little overcooked. The desserts were just so-so. The intimate atmosphere is nice though, and the madam is very friendly. I have come here a couple of years ago and liked it(see tag).

epanoui (HP, review)
Add: Hiroo 3-2-14, Shibuya-ku
Tel: 03-3407-1513

Toshi Yoroizuka

My favourite dessert place has moved to Tokyo Midtown as well.
The queue in the pictures…is for take-out only!!! Apparently only 3 groups of customers are allowed inside at one time. You have to wait forever before you can actually look at the cakes. -o-;;; Anyway, I prefer the tarts and pies much more than the cakes in this place. My primary target, as always, is the one-plate dessert that you eat at the counter space. In order to eat in, you need to write down your name and come back one and a half hour later…and you must be there when they call you or your booking is cancelled for good. You can’t book in advance either. Say if you want to book for 3pm, you must be there to write down your name at 1:30pm sharp. And of course there is no guarantee that you can get in at 3pm sharp. What a nightmare…
But once you are inside, you are in heaven! I had the strawberry mille-feuille and blueberry ice-cream. So delicious~!! Fresh mint tea is very good too. The dessert used to be 1000yen but now has gone up to 1200yen…well I guess that is inevitable. Also it is a shame that the main patisserie chef mainly stays inside the kitchen where you can’t see, while it used to be open kitchen~.
Toshi Yoroizuka

Frédéric Scailteur(フレデリック スケルター@神谷町) CLOSED

060728 037.jpg060729 001.jpg

060728 067.jpgFirst visit. Mille-feuille. A chocolate tart with pistachio cream, apricot and raspberry and 62% chocolate ganache cream. Both are so fantastic!! The tart, the pastry, the chocolate, the cream….every component is perfect, and not too sweet overall. Immediately a fan of this place. Got the galette and the financier to take-away, both very good too. My friend who went with me had mango tart which was also great. The only complaint is the interior…feels more like an office than a cake shop.

060909 029.jpg060909 028.jpg

060909 034.jpg060912 025.jpg
Second visit. Mango cream tart on the left, orange and raspberry and coconut cream tart on the right. Both are good! Though the two cakes from first visit were more to my taste. Financier framboise – very rich and heavy in butter(^^;;), good! Speculos – cookies with cinnamon, nutmeg seed, ginger powder and cardamon. Hard and crunchy, spicy and addictive~

Aigre Douce (エーグルドゥース@目白)

060805 039.jpg060712 033.jpg
カスレット(シュー生地の中にキャラメル風味のバナナ入りのカスタード)、ティラミス フィグ、チーズケーキ。ケークキャラメル。
Left: The crust is the same as that of cream puffs, the surface is the crispy sugar layer like that of creme brulee, and the inside is caramelised banana and custard cream. I like this one the most. Top: “Tiramisu fig”, sponge at the bottom is soaked with alcohol(rum?) and mixed with fig, then cheese cream all the way up, a little chocolate powder and fig slices on the surface. Right: Cheese cake, hmm pretty mild and normal. Take-way: Caramel cake. The surface is caramel-glazed and very hard. The whole cake is basically caramel and more caramel…one small slice would be delicious, but I had to finish the whole cake by myself….(nobody’s fault ^^;;;)
061110 086061110 081

061110 110061110 112
Second visit! Mille-feuille: the pie is crispy and nice. Mont Blanc: cream and merengue underneath the marron cream, which I found a bit rough and grainy.
Aigre Douce

七條 (Shichijo)

060322 013.jpg060322 016.jpg
Can’t recall what the amuse bouche was, some meat terrine.
Appetizer is trout(I think), marinated and skin lightly grilled. Not my favourite kind of fish but this is quite good, and MASSIVE like a main course.
060322 022.jpg060322 025.jpg
Fried prawn and small potato gratin that come with the course. Both are yummy!
060322 027.jpg060322 034.jpg
Roasted lamb, in black olive sauce. It was shockingly horrible….too rare and bloody, yet rough and hard. I asked the waitress if it was undercooked but she said it was the intended “rare” condition….I felt rather sick halfway. My friend who ordered roasted beef complained it was too red and yet not tender at all. Now I recall, I have had roasted lamb in this restaurant before and it was just as bad! I completely forgot about that otherwise I wouldn’t have ordered it again. Roasted beef/lamb are bad choices, the safest is probably “yoshoku” type of menu, like stewed beef, hamburger, croquette, which I have tried before and were very good. Well this place is more yoshoku than French anyway.