Apicius (アピシウス)



エスカルゴのラビオリ 野菜のフリットと共に。
Iidako(octopus) in tomato sauce.
Ravioli of escargot with vegetable frit.
フォワグラのポワレ グリーンピースのトリュフ風味煮込み添え。
仔羊のロースト 蕪のコンフィ添え ローズマリー風味。
Saute of foie gras with stewed green peas, truffle flavour.
Roasted lamb with turnip confit, rosemary flavour.
Mango mousse, cheese cake and Saint Honoré.

Had the lunch course B(5000yen), but changed the meat dish from beef steak to roasted lamb which is the main dish option of the lunch course A(8000) with an additional charge of 1000yen. Also added the foie gras(4260yen) from the a la carte menu. Four of us shared a bottle champagne and it was about 15,000yen for me. The lamb was soft and tender but had a bit too much fat. The rest was good but could be better, especially the foie gras. Even though the a la carte menu sounds so tempting and hard to resist(in fact everyone in my table changed this added that…no one stuck to the basic lunch course ^^;;), value-wise it is not so great. The environment is nice though – we stayed for like 4 hours. ^^;;
Lunch menu here.
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Apicius (アピシウス)

060108 005060108 004
Lunch at a luxurious “Grand Maison”(I wonder if this is a Japanese term?). 8000yen lunch course.
060108 008060108 015
殻入りスクランブルエッグ キャビアと雲丹のハーモニー。
小笠原産 海亀のコンソメスープ(+1900円)。
Scrambled egg stuffed in eggshell with caviar and sea urchin. Maybe a little too filling for a starter.
Ogasawara green sea turtle consomme soup(+1900yen). This is a chef’s specialty that my friend requested to add to the course. Nice smell. Particular taste. Good for skin apparently.
060108 023060108 030

060108 039手長海老と冬のきのこ カネロニ仕立て。
狩猟鴨のビトック サルミソース。
Cannellonis of scamp and mushrooms. The sauce is made from prawn. Quite good.
“Bitoke” of hunted bird with salmis sauce. If I had known that Bitoke meant hamburger I would have chosen a different course. ^^;; The paste on the side is chestnut.
5 different wagon desserts for you to choose. Normally they don’t serve “a bit of everything”, but the restaurant was quite empty that day so they made an exception. Mango mousse is nice.
This week’s lunch menu here.