BRONX 飯田橋店

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Pumpkin and cheese spring roll. Spaghetti with aubergine in Bolognese sauce. The pasta is the fresh kind, not the usual dried one. Overall food is okay. Very cheap. The service is very good and attentive for a place like this.
BRONX 飯田橋店

BRONX 神楽坂店

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かぼちゃグラタン、750円。Pumpkin gratin, it is okay. It looks like a bar but opens all day. It was daytime outside but so dark inside with dim spotlights, and the predominantly male customers were all smoking and drinking coffee and quietly reading, while the cook kept chattering with the two young waitresses…such a weird atmosphere. ^^;; I could see the kitchen from my seat and I saw the cook puting a raw egg on the plate and then into the microwave, which later went to the top of some curry fried rice, which was a customer’s lunch A. ^^;;