epanoui (エパヌイ)

江戸前穴子のポワレ リゾット添え 赤ワイン風味のソース。
Amuse: Soramame(broad bean), ham and short pasta.
Appetizer: Pan-fried anago with cheese risotto in red wine sauce. Very Japanese.
イベリコ・デ・ベジョータのカイエット 甘酸っぱいソースをかけて: 豚のひき肉と野菜を網脂で包んで焼き上げ甘酸っぱいソースをかけた。
Cold potato potage.
Main dish: Minced Iberico pork and vegetables in sweet and sour sauce. So it is a high-class pork hamburger. ^^;;;

クレーム・キャラメル キャラメルのアイスクリーム添え。プラリネのミルフゥィユ チョコレートのアイスクリーム添え。ガナッシュのヴァロティーヌ オレンジ風味 コーヒーのアイスクリーム添え。
Three desserts my friends and I shared. Creme caramel(pudding) with caramel ice-cream. Praline mille-feuille with chocolate ice-cream. Ganache cake with orange flavour, coffee ice-cream.

We had the 3990yen dinner course. Soup is additonal order, 525yen. Food is not bad. Very good value for a full course dinner. The homemade bread is delicious. The anago and hamburger I had were fine but my friends were disappointed that their foie gras appetizer, lamb and fish were all a little overcooked. The desserts were just so-so. The intimate atmosphere is nice though, and the madam is very friendly. I have come here a couple of years ago and liked it(see tag).

epanoui (HP, review)
Add: Hiroo 3-2-14, Shibuya-ku
Tel: 03-3407-1513

epanoui (エパヌイ)

Mousse made of prawn, fish and scallop. with white asparagus and scallop on top, in cold potage soup.

Quail stuffed with black rice. Peach with vanilla jelly and vanilla ice-cream.

Lychee and marigold tea.
Amazing food. Lovely homely environment. Very cute dog. A bit of a walk from the nearest Hiro-o station but totally worth it.