Casa Vinitalia (カーザ・ヴィニタリア)

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Second time here – see tag for the first visit. From the a la carte menu. Fried shirako – very creamy!
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Autumn Truffle Tagliatelle. Not much impression.
Roasted quail stuffed with multi-grain and foie gras. Very good! We ordered one quail(3600yen) to share between two people but it is actually not big so as a main dish, one quail for one person is just right.
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051208 043.jpgYou can choose the grilled vegetables that come with the main dish. I had mushroom. “Simple pasta” before dessert has 3 choices – I had tomato sauce this time and it was very very good. Again I ordered 100g. Later I found out that this “simple pasta” is quite expensive if ordered from the a la carte menu, while it is included in the 5500yen course. Dessert is tiramisu.
Casa Vinitalia

Casa Vinitalia (カーザ・ヴィニタリア)

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5500yen course.
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菜園風 季節野菜のカーザ・ヴィニタリア風スタイル。ソースはヴァーニャカウダとゴルゴンゾーラ2種類。
Bagna Cauda and Gorgonzola sauce.
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Beef and foie gras terrine. Risotto pilaf with three types of crab meat.
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お魚料理: クエ、わかめとこんぶの包み蒸し。
Steamed “Kue” wrapped in wakame and Konbu. Served with seafood sauce.
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Grilled celery(looks like an onion!). Aglio Olio e Peperoncino – can choose from 30g, 60g and 100g. I had 100g!
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イチジクのオーブン焼き。 巨峰とジェラート。
Oven-grilled fig. Kyoho grape and ice-cream.
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051105 058.jpgパンナコッタ。プラリネのセミフレッド 温かいチョコラータソース添え。
Panna Cotta. Praline semifreddo in warm chocolate sauce.

Very good Italian restaurants. Difficult to book.
Casa Vinitalia