Toshi Yoroizuka

My favourite dessert place has moved to Tokyo Midtown as well.
The queue in the pictures…is for take-out only!!! Apparently only 3 groups of customers are allowed inside at one time. You have to wait forever before you can actually look at the cakes. -o-;;; Anyway, I prefer the tarts and pies much more than the cakes in this place. My primary target, as always, is the one-plate dessert that you eat at the counter space. In order to eat in, you need to write down your name and come back one and a half hour later…and you must be there when they call you or your booking is cancelled for good. You can’t book in advance either. Say if you want to book for 3pm, you must be there to write down your name at 1:30pm sharp. And of course there is no guarantee that you can get in at 3pm sharp. What a nightmare…
But once you are inside, you are in heaven! I had the strawberry mille-feuille and blueberry ice-cream. So delicious~!! Fresh mint tea is very good too. The dessert used to be 1000yen but now has gone up to 1200yen…well I guess that is inevitable. Also it is a shame that the main patisserie chef mainly stays inside the kitchen where you can’t see, while it used to be open kitchen~.
Toshi Yoroizuka

Toshi Yoroizuka

060803 002.jpgCreme Brulee Pistache, with lavender ice-cream. It is very good!! The pistachio cream(cold) is very rich, and the surface is grilled crispy. Only thing is the cream is quite heavy and it is so big that it is surprisingly hard to finish. I wish the ice-cream were bigger and the creme brulee were smaller, then it would be perfect. When I went on a weekday lunchtime, the eat-in space was full(only 6 seats) and 2 people before me were waiting. I had to wait for about 20 minutes, but after me….people kept coming and coming and I counted 11 people waiting…-o-;;;

060803 026.jpg060803 053.jpg
Bought lots to take away: galette(round cookie), financier plain and financier Earl Grey(rectangular), Amande(almond, rich with egg and butter, my favourite!) and chocolate cake with walnut(very rich too).
051111 022.jpg051111 024.jpg

051111 019.jpg栗と洋梨、チョコレートとピスタチオ、ラムの効いたケーキ。
Chestnut and pear. Chocolate and pistachio. Rum and something I forgot…

051119 029.jpgチョコレートスフレ(フランボワーズソース付き)、1000円。
Chocolate Souffle with raspberry sauce.

0523 028.jpg0523 031.jpg

0523 033.jpgクレープの巾着包み、1000円。赤いフルーツのスープとピスタチオのアイス、1000円。
Crepe wrap(?). Fruit soup with pistachio ice-cream.

051022 009.jpg051022 014.jpg
Chestnut and chocolate Mont Blanc with rum ice-cream and pear sauce. Cassis cake with fig.
Toshi Yoroizuka

Toshi Yoroizuka

060628 034.jpgPeach compote, with honey ice-cream and blueberry sauce. This is heaven(*o*). The peach was simmered in red wine, bottom layer was peach ice-cream with a mousse texture, even the cookie was delicious.
The chef went on a TV competition show and he made the luxurious version of this but he lost to the other guy…quite a surprise cos I thought this one was definitely higher standard. Anyway, due to his increasing publicity, his tiny dessert eat-in space always has a long waiting line which kinda puts me off. Luckily my friend, who is a BIG fan of this place, didn’t mind going with me so we went there after lunch. Both of us were expecting a line and prepared to wait, but there was no one waiting!! So happy!! Happier than winning a lottery!! (^^;;) Even happier still, after we enjoyed our desserts rather speechlessly, the chef himself came out and gave us free cherries!! He even talked with us for a while and he told us that he was going on another TV program where he will have to make a jumbo-size souffle in a camp and he is going to pick the berries from a field himself(^^;;).

060628 048.jpg060628 050.jpg
Toshi Mandel Krone. An almond cream pie to take away, so delicious as well!
Toshi Yoroizuka