Aux Gourmands (オー・グルマン)

From the 4200yen lunch course which includes amuse-bouche, two appetizers, main dish, dessert and coffee.
The giblets and vegetables soup is my friend’s appetizer.
My two appetizers. Pate en Croute with venison, guinea fowl and foie gras.
Foie gras steak with blue cheese risotto – this really hit the spot~~XD

Ibaraki cherry pork in mustard sauce. The pork is very soft with thin layers of fat streaked with the meat(marbling) so that each bite is juicy with well-balanced amount of meat and fat. Dessert is pear sorbet and honey ice-cream.

This place is all for meat-lovers! A bit on the salty side but it is okay with me. The chef used to be a boxer apparently(and he does look like one – very friendly guy though!), which explains the meat-centric menu. He was telling us that he always feel sad when female customers can’t finish all the food on their plates(what a waste!) so he was glad that we finished everything. ^^;;;

Only opens for lunch on Saturday; lunch menu is basically the same as dinner menu but only slightly smaller in portions(not small at all). The cheaper lunch course is 2940yen consisting of one appetizer instead of two, but the portion for each dish is a bit bigger. The restaurant is about 10mins walk from Roppongi station. It was just us, and another table of two on the Saturday we went, which got me a bit worried at first. Turned out the food was good!

Aux Gourmands
Add: 3-4-14 Azabudai, Minato-ku
Tel: 03-5114-0195


Fantastic view from the 35th floor of Marunouchi building.

甘エビ、北海道産帆立貝と完熟マンゴーのタルタル カクテル仕立て。
I was surprised to see that they have very reasonably priced lunch course starting from 1800yen. We went for the special Southern France selection lunch course, 5040yen.
Sweet prawn, scallop and mango Tartare.
パルマ産生ハム・吉田豚のリエット・本日のシャルキュトリーの一皿 オーガニックサラダ添え。
Parma Prosciutto, Pork rillette and pate with pistachio.
南仏の香りをまとった仔羊背肉のロースト ラタトゥイユ添え ジュのソース。
Roasted baby lamb with ratatouille.
Blueberry creme brulee with milk ice-cream.

AUXAMIS started off as a wine bar so we decided to go for the 1890yen wine tasting course which includes 3 glasses(2/3 glass each) of wine that go with the amuse-bouche, appetizer and main dish. I forgot to take pictures of one of the wine but you can check out my friend’s blog for the complete selection. The champagne and dessert wine in the pictures here are not included in the wine-tasting course. The food is overall good. The meaty appetizer is nice but indeed quite impossible to eat without wine. The massive lamb chop is tender and juicy; the amount of fat is a bit scary but with the help of the tasty veggy sauce I devoured the whole thing.

Menu: 1, 2, 3, 4.

cuisine francaise JJ

Finally went to Tokyo Midtown! Only took a few pics on my way to lunch. The area is actually quite big. Of course lots of lots of people flooding everywhere. Queues outside every restaurant at lunch time.
We have booked a table in advance – no way I’m going to queue. ^^;; Have been to this restaurant twice before. Used to call “Joel” and located in Aoyama. The old location is closed now. The chef and the whole staff team have moved to Midtown. The manager still remembers me…err….
These pics are taken in the terrace space also belongs to the restaurant. It was sunny but still a bit chilly, so we decided to eat inside. We sat at the counter. Fantastic view! Apparently it was intended to be a bar counter but it was mistakenly built too low(^^;;;) so now it is also used as dining space as well.
The champagne served that day was the usual 13% but somehow it felt strong and I was dizzy pretty quickly~
Lunch menu(J) here.
4200yen lunch course consists of an appetizer, a main dish, dessert and coffee. Used to include two appetizers for the 4200yen lunch so as expected the price has gone up. We added one more appetizer to the lunch for an extra charge of 1800yen.
Amuse bouche: clam in saffron sauce.
Traditional country pate, with salad, walnut and bacon cake.
Puff-pastry of Norwegian salmon and mousse. Itadori sauce and red wine sauce.
Quail with potato paillasson(from the web: traditional potato preparation in which grated raw potatoes are fried to form a thin flat cake resembling a straw mat (“paillasson” in French)) and mushroom saute. Desserts from the wagon.

The food is great! Just love the sauce here so much. Service is friendly as ever. After we had our desserts, we spot the French chef(60 year-old gent) hanging around, talking and laughing with the madams, having a good time himself. The Japanese staff all have that “Oh not again~~” smiles on their faces. ^^;;; Later he came to talk to us and dragged us to the terrace and we chatted for quite a while. He was drinking coffee from a plastic cup that you normally use to brush your teeth. ^^;; Funny guy. Kept telling dirty jokes(in fluent Japanese!) and winking to my (girl) friend…err….^^;;;
cuisine francaise JJ

Maison Cache-Cache(メゾン カシュカシュ)

060629 012.jpg060629 013.jpg
Today’s appetizer: duck Pate.
060629 017.jpg060629 022.jpg
Sticky rice and wild rice wrapped in anago(eel), curry sauce.
(My choice)Roasted pork confit.
060629 030.jpg060629 031.jpg
(My choice)Pineapple creme d’anjou.
Crepe with kirsch ice-cream and warm honeyed American cherry.
I was expecting a tiny bistro, but this place turned out to be quite spacious and comfortable, the atmosphere was lovely too. As my friend pointed out, most of the customers were girls. Dinner course is only 3600yen, so cheap!
Maison Cache-Cache

Ristorante Terauchi (リストランテ寺内)

060507 081.jpg060507 084.jpg
Went with a friend and ordered 2 appetizers, 2 pasta and 2 meat dishes to share. The waitor was kind enough to divide everything into half for us, so the pictures are all half portion.
Appetizers are foie gras pate, and roasted quail stuffed with multi-grain risotto and cheese. Both are very good, especially the quail.
060507 086.jpg060507 089.jpg
Fusilli in seafood ragu sauce with anchovy and pine nuts and seaweed. Pappardelle in meat ragu sauce. The pasta is kinda normal.
060507 091.jpg060507 099.jpg
Charcoal grilled pork. Roasted lamb in onion, anchovy and vinegar sauce. Wow the meat dishes are amazing!! Simply good quality meat grilled to perfection and I don’t need anything else! The charcoal grilled pork smells and tastes heaven with only salt. The lamb is tender and the sauce nicely savoury. The potatoes and onions on the side are lovely too.

The interior of the restaurant was not exactly that pretty and the lighting was just gloomy but not atmospheric. When we went, it was very empty, no music was playing, the many waitors with kinda stiff posture were standing nearby, dead quiet, the kitchen was just right next to us, also produced very little sound….frankly the atmosphere was terrible…^^;; At first when I took out the camera, the waitor told me not to use flash, I was not going to use anyway….But after I took pictures of each dish, he brought the lamb to me before cutting it into half so that I could take pictures first, probably because he thought it would look better as a whole, so maybe they didn’t mind the pictures but were afraid that the flashlight might bother other customers. My friend who doesn’t understand Japanese took a picture of me sucking the bones with the flash though…^^;; The portion was so huge that my friend couldn’t finish the lamb, I was quite full but was going to eat it for her, but the waitor came up and said he would wrap it up for us to take-away. I have never been to an upscale restaurant that does that…I think if there were more customers, the atmosphere would have been more lively and the experience more enjoyable. And just order the appetizers and the meat dishes would be satisfying enough, the pasta can be skipped. ^^;;


060420 003.jpg060420 009.jpg

060420 006.jpg060420 010.jpg
Duck pate sandwich, it is sooooooo nice!!! The bread is homemade and nicely toasted, the pate is such a thick slice~. Want to go back to try their full course lunch, which the ojisan in the picture ordered and he kept telling the waitor how he delicious it was and in fact took pictures using his mobile phone…maybe he has a food blog too. ^^;;
060503 002.jpg060503 004.jpg

060503 011.jpg黒豚のリエット、豚モモスライスのグリル 生姜風味のソース、ガトーショコラ。
Second visit. Pork rillettes, grilled pork with ginger sauce, gateau chocolat. Lunch course is 2500yen. The quality turned out to be choice-dependent. I went with a friend and two of us ordered different appetizers, main dishes and desserts to share. The line-up in the pictures were all quite good, but the marinated vegetables, roasted chicken stuffed with prawn and orange tart were just so-so. The sandwich lunch is much better!


051210 010.jpg051210 018.jpg
A friend’s birthday. Cute interior, fantastic food, homely atmosphere. We had a bottle of wine to share and it was about 4000yen per person. Very worth it!
051210 032.jpg051210 035.jpg

051210 039.jpg051210 041.jpg
Country-style pate and bread.
051210 045.jpg051210 050.jpg
Taraba crab and mushroom wrapped in beancurd skin and deep-fried. Grilled vegetables.
051210 056.jpg051210 058.jpg
Duck and pear. Shish kebab.
051210 061.jpg051210 068.jpg
Roasted lamb. Blue cheese rice.
051210 074.jpg051210 078.jpg
Spaghetti with burdock. Strawberry mille-feuille for the birthday girl(ordered in advance).