VIRON (ヴィロン)

(June 6, 2008)
Steak and French fries, 2100yen. Caramel Liegeois, 1260yen.

0809030083(Sep 3, 2008)
Beet Gazpacho, 630yen. Galette of chicken confit, 1050yen. Peche Melba(Peach parfait with vanilla ice-cream and peach compote), 1260yen.

Both visits above were late lunches(after 3pm) so the food was from cafe-time menu which is different from lunch menu. Everything is nice despite being a bit expensive. I wonder why the Peche Melba is more expensive than the galette….


0711190004(May 10, 2008)
Green peas potage. Croque madam. Cabbage and bacon soup. Went back to this bakery cafe and tried their cafe menu(available after 2pm). The soup are both nice but don’t come with bread.

(Sep 3, 2004)
Pork in tomato stew. Quail and foie gras terrine. With coffee, 2730yen.

Izu 070(May 19, 2004)
Breakfast for two!

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(Nov 3, 2006)
Baba. Gosh it is soaked thoroughly with alcohol already and you get a whole bottle to add some more yourself…the waitor said a few extra drops on top will give nice fragrance – he was right! I ended up adding more than a few drops and got quite drunk…the couple at the next table said they could smell it from there. ^^;;;; Also love the cream on top.
061026 199061026 192
(Oct 27, 2006)
Caramel-glazed petit chou(cream puff) with praline cream inside and sweet whipped cream on top.
Jambon Brie de Meaux – ham and brie sandwich. Both delicious as usual.
061102 122061102 130
I have blogged this place so many times but never took pics of the shop. Great location right in the heart of Shibuya.
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060116 046(Jan 16, 2007)
鴨のスモーク サラダ、840円。 タルトタタン、840円。
Smoked duck salad. Nice smoky flavour. And finally tried Tarte Tartin! I have heard so much about Tarte Tartin in VIRON but somehow never had a chance to try it. The caramelized apple is absolutely delicious~. Such a big piece! But it is mostly apple and I practically inhaled it in no time. It is served hot. Could be a bit oily for some people but okay for me. Only available in winter.

Paris S’éveille (パリセヴェイユ@自由が丘)

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Ciboust caramel(orange compote in the middle). Simple but good.
サントノーレキャラメル。 タルト・ポンム・カシス。
Saint Honoré Caramel. Tarte Pomme(apple) Cassis.
Both are popular items and get sold out quickly so I called up in advance to reserve. Both are very nice! It was very busy on a Sunday afternoon so we had to wait for a bit to get a table. My friends ordered the weekend-only dessert plates and they looked great. Going to try that next time.
Mango mousse cake.

060430 076.jpgGreen apple mousse tart. Chocolate tart with praline cream inside and passion fruit cream on top – wonderful!

Paris S’éveille
Add: 2-14-5 Jiyugaoka, Meguro-ku
Tel: 03-5731-3230


Left: Chocolate and marron mousse cake.
Right: Prize-winning chocolate cake. Has orange liqueur in it.
Left: Ciboust. This is very good!
Right: Mont Blanc.
Left: Chocolate mousse cake with Jasmine brulee and Camomile sauce. Nice fragrance.
Right: Saint Honoré. My favourite!
061020 046061021 063

061021 075They also have very nice cookies. Light and fluffy and crispy all at once. The one in the pack has ginger taste, very spicy and good! Not in picutres are marron galette, macaron and financier. All very good.

The cake shop is in Yokohama. A bit far for me, but it is only about 3 mins walk from the nearest train station and they have a cafe for eating in. I have tried their cakes before(see tag) when they had a booth space inside a food mall in Shibuya station.