Ceylon Inn (セイロン・イン)

Dinner at a Sri Lankan restaurant near Nakameguro.
Patis – Sri Lankan Samosa with minced chicken and potato. Vegetable Godamba Rotti. Cutlets – Sri Lankan croquette with fish.
Mutton curry. Fish curry.
Pol Sambola – shredded, lime, garlic, chilli etc. String hopper.
Cashew nuts curry. Egg Roti.
Kottu Roti. Plain Roti.

Absolutely delicious food. Chef is Sri Lankan. Spicy but not overly spicy that my tongue goes numb and can’t taste anything. Small restaurant busy with ever-coming customers throughout a Saturday night. Reasonably priced – 4 people share all the food plus a beer and a Masala chai each, about 3500yen per person. My favourites of the night: Pol Sambola, Cashew nuts curry, Kottu Roti. Don’t forget to print out the coupon from the homepage to get free Lassi.

Menu: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

Ceylon Inn (セイロン・イン)
Add: 2-7-8, Kami-meguro, Meguro-ku
Tel: 03-3716-0440