Prik (プリック)

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Dinner alone at a Thai restaurant. Fried catfish with chilli, 1800yen. SPY pink Premium wine cooler, 400yen. Plain rice 300yen. Considering the location is obscure and far from Ikebukuro station and the decor isn’t up to much, the menu is priced like a fancy upscale restaurant. The deep-fried catifsh is very dry, not a good choice, but so many different spices are used and the sauce is so full of flavours. Coconut milk is added so it is sweet too. I told the waitress that I can eat very hot food and it came very spicy. I was instantly hooked(to the sauce), had to refrain from stuffing the spice leaves into my mouth. The pink drink is only 4% alcohol, very sweet and artificial coloured/flavoured.
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Went back again and ordered the seafood with the same sauce. There are squid, prawn, green pepper, mussel and scallop in it. Just as good as last time. Really a shame that it is so expensive, otherwise I would go back and try other things too~


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The name of the pork appetizer is misleading cos it is just plain boiled pork with some chilli sauce on top and salad at the bottom, no good. But the dessert is so nice!!!!! It is coconut sticky rice with red bean, banana stuffing. For some reason one has stronger coconut taste, while the other has stronger banana taste…wonder if it is deliberate but both taste very good.
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0607 001.jpgソーセージ。グリーンカレー、蒸しもちご飯。2160円。
Suddenly had this HUGE craving for Thai food and very very hot chilli, so went to this chain Thai restaurant for dinner two days in a row. Sausage. Green curry and steamed glutinous rice.

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Spring roll. Tom yam kung ramen with mochi.

0824 020.jpgカナー菜チャーハン、900円。
Kanah fried rice.
Food here is overall very good!

Thani Kitchen(タニ・キッチン@大森)

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Tod Man Pla(Fried fish pancake). Pad Thai(Fried noodle). Both superb.
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Soup noodles with entrails, Northeast Thai style. The noodles are in slices and rolled up, very very good!
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Sausage Northeast Thai style. Seafood fried curry(with egg). Fantastic x 2.
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Beef and herb salad. Good but mainly meat and quite salty, would be great to eat with rice though. Tom Yam Noodle.

060211 180.jpgSome super sweet coconut dessert, forgot the name. 4 girls shared all the food, with 2 drinks each, only 2000yen per person!! So cheap!! Though the location of the restaurant is not so convenient. The food were all very mild and not spicy. Wonder if it is Northeastern style or just toned down for Japanese customers. And the very sweet and friendly madam happened to have lost her voice that day but we kept asking her this and that. ^^;;
Thani Kitchen


060125 020.jpgSpicy fried flat rice noodles, 900yen. It is late dinner….one of those days you know you shouldn’t cos it is late already, but you just can’t control…^^;; Lots of stuff in it, very spicy and very good!

051002 023.jpgグリーンカレー、1000円。 Green curry.

0603 001.jpgグリーンカレーリゾット、1000円。
Green curry risotto.The risotto is not really risotto, just Thai rice…so kinda Italian+Thai fusion…? Very good though!

0730 040.jpgトムヤムスパゲッティ、950円。
Tom Yum Kung spaghetti. I think risotto would be nicer to go with the Tom Yum Kung soup.

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Green curry fried rice. A bit soggy.

Ikebukuro branch is not very stable in its quality….really depends on what you order.

Jai Thai Palace (ジャイタイパレス)

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ゲン パア(牛肉と野菜の激辛煮込み)。「タイで最も辛い料理」だそう。
Very hot beef and vegetables stew – not really THAT hot but nice.
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プラーラッ プリック(マナガツオの唐揚げ・辛口ソースかけ)。Fried white pomfret with chillies sauce.
パッ パック ブン(空心菜のタイ味噌入りかき油炒め)。
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カノム トゥイ(温かいココナッツと精米もちを2層にした器入り蒸し物)。Steamed coconut and rice mochi.
カノム モァ ゲン(温かいタイ風タロイモカスタード)。Taro coconut custard.
二人で7500円ぐらい。 Dessert is good.
ジャイタイパレス(Jai Thai Palace)