Don Ciccio (ドンチッチョ)

060121 011060121 019
Shorthorn beef carpaccio.
060121 014060121 021
Sicilian-style beef tripe and aubergine with almond.
Calamari alla Siracusana. “Calamari” is ring-shaped pasta that looks like squid ring. Red bell pepper and aubergine in tomato sauce.
060121 025060121 026
Fusilli with Platinum pork ragu sauce and almond.
Casarecci with fennel and sardine. Traditional Sicilian dish.
060121 031060121 035
Spaghetti with Bianchetti(tiny white fish which are spawn of sardines or anchovies, not sure which).
Charcoal grilled Platinum bone-in pork with herb.
060121 037060121 040
“Daisen” chicken and dried fig. Sweet sauce.
Right pic is my share of the 2 meat dishes.
060121 043060121 046
All four of us didn’t feel quite enough….so after the main dishes we ordered some more pasta. The last two pasta were both 1.5 portion, while the ones before were all single portion.
Linguine with vongole(clam) and “ris de veau”(Lamb sweetbreads).
Vesuvio(pasta that looks like Mount Vesuvius? Just guessing…) with “Daisen” chicken and pumpkin in cream sauce.
060121 050060121 051
Zuppa Inglese. Semifreddo.
060121 055060121 056
Strawberry tiramisu. Gateau chocolat.

A famous Italian restaurant that closed down last year and re-opened with a new name. Many loyal fans apparently, one of them being my friend who tried the new place and said it was just as good as the old one. Already an impossible-to-book restaurant and you can only book two weeks in advance. Location is a bit inconvenient – quite far from both Shibuya and Omotesando station.

The food is great. All the pasta are very simple. Light and simple sauce with not much ingredients, but perfect al dente. Actually at first I thought the pasta were a little unimpressive (I love fancy sauces and fancy ingredients…) but the amazing thing was that I craved the simple, comforting taste immediately again. The pasta are not homemade though. The main dishes are pretty normal, especially the staff-recommended pork. Chicken in fig sauce is nicer.

4 of us went crazy and ordered so much food, plus 2 bottles of wine and mineral water and coffee, total was about 11000yen per person.

Atmosphere was very lively and energetic. Warm decor. A little crowded perhaps. It was full when we arrived, and when we finished around 11pm, there were still customers coming in! Appetizers and pastas came fast after we ordered, but the main dishes could be a bit slow in delivery. Despite of the negative comments I have read, the service is quite good. I am not saying this because all the staff are young and good-looking guys(which is quite a sight really ^^;;), but they know the menu well and are patient to explain to us. Also willing to split each and every one of the dishes for us. Though they didn’t do the job so well…..the portion wasn’t quite even and the ingredients were simply absent in some plates….often mine for some reason. ^^;; But definitely will go back!

Menu: 1, 2, 3, 4.
Don Ciccio

Ristorante da Nino (リストランテ・ダ・ニーノ@乃木坂)

061215 001061215 006
Lunch at a much hyped Sicilian restaurant.
061215 010061215 013
Cute tableware. The homemade bread is very good.
061215 018061215 023
築地直送、本日のカルパッチョ(鱒) パンテッレリア産ケーパー。
パスタ: ボンゴレビアンコ。
Trout carpaccio with caper.
Sarde a beccaficu: stuffed sardines with breadcrumbs.
Baked omelette with broccoli.
Vongole Bianco. Tastes a bit boring, great al dente though.
061215 025061215 027
お魚料理: 真鯛のオレンジソテー。
デザート: ズッパイングレーゼ。
Fish: Red sea bream saute with orange. Rather bland…
Dessert: Zuppa Inglese.
Special lunch course is 3800yen. A glass of champagne and mineral water, came up to 5200yen. The Japanese waitress is friendly and helpful, even split the bill for each of us without our asking(some of us ordered different courses). The Italian manager however is a bit of a snob. The decor is cute but quite cramp inside. A bit overpriced given the quality. I guess someone has to pay for the posh location.
Ristorante da Nino