September 12, 2004

JUCHHEIM (ユーハイム@丸ビル店)

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Wow, I didn't know the colour theme had meaning....^^;;;;; The chinese is actually quite hard/ancient stuff(or my chinese is deteriorating), and also they never say what they mean don't read those ancient chinese musha novels, but the tone is exactly the same as 古龍's novels, which I used to read a lot in high school and already thought they were so damn pretentious. ^^;;;

seat | September 13, 2004 10:52 PM

The expression and camarel one sounds really yummy!

ohoh we saw Hero at the theatre yesterday, I really like it! What a beautiful film and the story was told interestingly. I love the color theme thing (red=jealousy and passion, blue = noble, white = truth and so on). And gosh I actually had to read English subtitles because for some reason I couldn't really understand the mandarin "poetic/pretenious" dialogues ^^;;;

Joan | September 13, 2004 10:12 AM