June 13, 2005


0610 004.jpg0610 006.jpg0613 011.jpg0613 020.jpg
orange, raisin and walnut. Pretzel. Cheese and walnut. Cheese.
0613 004.jpg
Orange, raisin and walnut stick. German bakery, healthy hard type bread, very good though.

0608 038.jpg0608 042.jpgエドベーカリー@飯田橋
Sweet beans. Butter and syrup. Quite good but a bit sweet.

0529 045.jpg0601 010.jpg0603 007.jpg0605 005.jpg0602 001.jpg0606 011.jpg
Tuna, olives, tomato sandwich. Olive. Potato. Walnut. Tomato. Fig. A really good bakery that I always go.

0608 013.jpg0608 018.jpg0608 026.jpgKIHACHI
Shark fin(yeah right ^^;;) and pork fried bread. Sesame. Crab and scallop. Fatty and no good...

0613 038.jpg0613 045.jpg0613 053.jpg墨絵@新宿
Fig. Cherry. Beans. Just for the record.

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Some new flavour come out from time to time. But VIRON is too good I eat most of the stuff twice or thrice, especially sandwiches~~~

I have a toaster yo!

seat | June 14, 2005 04:46 PM

crazy~ so many bread!!! I remember that "Viron" place, it seems you must have tried everything (or do they come out with new flavor?) Is there an oven in the kitchen of student hall?

Freda | June 14, 2005 04:35 AM