December 04, 2005


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The beef beer-stew is 1000yen, the mixed fried shrimp/scallop/oyster is 1300yen, both come with rice. It is the uni that is expensive - I ordered that from dinner menu even though I went for lunch, haha.
051203 010.jpgランチメニューの和牛スネ肉のビール煮とミックスフライ(海老、帆立貝、牡蠣)。ご飯付きで。すっごく美味しかった~。夜メニューからの1品:ウニのコンソメゼリー寄せ、根セロリのピュレ添え。これも美味しい~!2人で3900円。

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wow quite $$ even for 2 people? Though the last pic is...uni?

Freda | December 6, 2005 11:39 AM