December 04, 2005

Bocca di Leone (ボッカ・デ・リオーネ)

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Bocca di Leone

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For me it is: lamb> pork> chicken> beef, in the case of French food only. I love beef in other cuisines, just not French. Oh pork can be so nice so juicy so not-greasy~~~~e.g. The French restaurant near tomoko's office I mentioned before has very good grilled pork, without, no fat too.

Really???? I love my pasta hard and chewy and just-cooked. I love hard penne~~~~(^^;;) There are many Italian entries that were actually very yummy, but they didn't make it to the "Favourite" category simply because the pasta was too soft. ^^;;

seat | December 7, 2005 12:32 AM

The flash pic instantly made then look like pictures from my blog ^^;;; I always rank my preference like this: lamb> beef> pork> chicken...maybe swab the last two because so far the pork I have in fancy restaurants are always tough and not good...err...always a disappointment.

Do you like pasta that's semi-cook? I prefer softer pasta, the Japanese western food way..^^;; Especially for penne, which I don't like anyways even though they 'hold' a lot of sauce, if they were semi-cooked they'd be sooo hard to chew and swallow.

Freda | December 6, 2005 11:50 AM

A day of eating non-stop....bistro lunch, cake, Italian dinner...2 of us shared the lunch and the cakes, but the pics I put up for dinner are my share only....^^;;; Too bad this Italian is not as cheap and good as I expected! I had a glass of wine and half of 2 kinds of pasta, a meat dish, didn't get dessert or coffee and I ended up paying 6000yen. The sauce for the pasta was great but the pasta was too soft - I hate soft pasta. And I went to this restaurant for their grilled beef/lamb but they didn't have either of them!! And the pork was just okay. And the restaurant was not non-smoking...hmm....The lunch was more satisfying and much cheaper.

seat | December 4, 2005 01:54 AM