February 04, 2006


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A friend's birthday. She loves pork so I picked this place which is specialised in kagoshima pork.
Free appetizer, pork ear(!) and cabbage salad.
ゆで豚とろマスタード風味。Poached fatty pork, with mustard. Drenched in too much oil, but the pork is soft and tender.
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ロースカツ。Deep-fried pork shoulder meat. Wow it is sooooooo nice!!! Probably the best I have ever eaten!! It is surprisingly NOT oily and the meat is soft with the right amount of fat. I am not a big fan of fried pork but oooh this is heaven!
角煮。This is usually my favourite dish but this one turned out quite hard and not fatty enough....hmm....
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バラシソ焼。 Grilled pork belly with siso. A bit rough and tasteless.....
コラーゲン揚げ。It is called "fried collagen" but it is just fried pork skin, taste is so-so.
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軟骨煮。Stewed gristle? This is very very very good!! Well balanced amount of meat and fat and soft bones.
サツマイモアイス。Potato ice-cream, not bad. Two of us both had a drink and a coffee, and the total came up to about 7000yen.

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You know even potato alone, there are many kinds...^^;; The ice-cream I had was satsumaimo, I wonder if it is the same as yam hmm...

Yeah, I get so familiar with which part of Japan produces pork and which part produces chicken, just by reading the menus in restaurants...but also I think because Japan is such a small country and there is not much land for agriculture, therefore the food supply is so specialised=limited, not just limited by regions but by seasons as well. Unlike HK, you get food from all parts of china and you simply can get any kind of food at anytime of the year. There are exceptions like crab, that you only get in certain seasons of course.

seat | February 7, 2006 06:45 PM

Ah the region-named food...grand marketing device...^^;;; Make it their signature and sound more special. It's like those hundred version of ramen named with the region, which I guess quite a few of them really don't taste much difference.

haha it's such a different culture where potato icecream is consider a common thing (Americn are so bland and safe, always vanilla, chocolate)~ I saw yam icecream at that Soba place in NY and I wonder about it...that would be the same as potato icecream right.

Freda | February 7, 2006 09:52 AM

I was shocked when the waitress told us that was pork ear AFTER we ate it. ^^;;
鹿児島=kagoshima, likely is where the pork came from? It is like that in Japan, chicken from where and where, vegetables from where and where...really too serious. ^^;;;
Yeah the fried pork cutlet is MUCH better than marusen(very famous place)!! I am still surprised you haven't had potato ice-cream before - it is very very common in Japan!

seat | February 6, 2006 06:30 PM

This place is very pork-centric indeed. The fried pork is THAT good? I wish I could try! Potato ice-cream~~~ how does that taste like? From picture I'm most interested in fried collagen.

Joan | February 6, 2006 04:32 PM

I didn't know Japanese eat pork ear ^^;; I know Tomoko, those curly fried skin looks like pig tails. These specialize place is amazing (that I guess Japan has plenty of as the culture takes eating and practically everything very seriously) *O* What is kagoshima pork? The Stewed gristle is almost like Shanghai's kind.

Freda | February 6, 2006 04:22 PM

the 軟骨looks really good!
I thought the pork skin was pork tail or something! how do they get it so curly!?
also pork ear looks very curious^^;

tomoko | February 5, 2006 07:08 PM