May 31, 2006

煮込みや なりた

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Escargot. Absolutely delicious and they were 6 of them and only 700yen! So cheap!! I think I dipped every drop of the sauce with the baguette...which was also very good that I almost asked the waitor where they got the baguette from. Baked pie with foie gras and beef. The foie gras and the beef were actually separate inside the pie, which was a bit odd I thought(^^;;;), but the pie was light and crispy.
060530 013.jpg060530 015.jpg
Lamb stew. Prawn fritter. The lamb was soft but not stewed long enough. The prawn fritter was too oily, that we both ended up peeling the thick batter and just eating the prawn inside, which was a bit overcooked and hard. ^^;;

060530 004.jpgTwo people shared all the food, one drink each, it was about 3000yen each, very very cheap! Honestly, the food is not like fantastic, the place is small, the stools quite uncomfortable, one person was cooking everything so we had to wait forever for each dish to come(the whole dinner, without dessert and coffee, took 3 hours, most of the time waiting...), but it is so cheap and okay standard and huge portions and the waitor is friendly....actually I don't mind going back again. ^^;;;

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I wasn't sure if I should put it into French category...The name of the place is "stew house"...but when I asked the waitor, "So this place is specialised in stew? Maybe I should order at least one stew?" The waitor said, "Actually we are French restaurant...." ^^;;;

seat | June 2, 2006 06:29 PM

This doesn't make into your 'french" category? Haha the photos looked as if from my blog haha, not the usual delicate, well presented dishes you have. The beef and foie gras pie looks sooo good!

Freda | June 2, 2006 05:40 PM


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