June 11, 2006

南欧創作的料理 ふうが屋

060610 001.jpg060610 005.jpg
Even though the course is only 2000yen per person, the food is just impossible....and to think I actually brought a friend who is visiting Tokyo there(-o-;;). To save space the pics have no thumbnails.Scallop and some meat terrine. Ham and banana canape(-o-;;).
060610 008.jpg060610 010.jpg
Pizza with sausage(where? oh there). Salad.
060610 014.jpg060610 016.jpg
Escargot. Beancurd and prawn and tororo(soy sauce not available).
060610 018.jpg060610 020.jpg
Grilled scallops(scallops must be cheap that day). Fried chicken and octopus.
060610 024.jpg060610 026.jpg

060610 030.jpgPork with miso. Potato gratin(really just ovened mashed potato). Piraf, plain fried rice with soy sauce, with a few slices of very bitter bamboo shoot and some sesame on top.

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Exactly what we thought, just izakaya food! But even cheap chain Japanese izakaya would be cheaper and taste better! Strange thing is that the place seems popular and busy...

seat | June 13, 2006 05:00 PM


やっこ | June 13, 2006 01:00 PM

ouch...it's like those cheap izakaya/tapas food huh? ^^;;;

Freda | June 13, 2006 10:17 AM