August 12, 2006


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野菜小鉢3品: モロヘイヤ ポン酢、つるむらさき お浸し、 いちじく胡麻だれかけ。
野菜料理: 旬の野菜 フリッター、沖縄の塩とレモンで。
A stylish Japanese place specialised in vegetables. For the 1890yen lunch course, you can choose 3 out of 5 options for the appetizer and choose 1 from the 2 options for the main. Unfortunately most of the names of the vegetables were something that I never heard of...I picked Mulukhiya in ponzu(top one), malabar spinach(bottom left, funny sticky texture) and the safe option "fig with sesame sauce"(bottom right). All were very good! I liked mulukhiya the most, juicy and sweet. For the main, I chose the vegetables fritter. It included, okra, babycorn, green beans, zucchini, green pepper, onion and sweet potato. The batter was thin and light, and the vegetables were very sweet.
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小さなおかず: 冬瓜のあんかけ。
しまい: 減農薬米釜炊きごはん、香ノ物、お椀。
小さな甘味: 杏仁豆腐。
Then came the rice, miso soup and winter melon. The dessert was almond tofu. A very satisfying lunch!

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I found Mulukhiya from dictionary. ^^;;
People don't believe me but I love vegetables too!(not raw vegetables though)

seat | August 16, 2006 01:04 AM

Never heard of Mulukhiya either. Fig with sesame sauce sound so simple but seems so good! This place seems like a vegetarian heaven, very appealing even for me (who's not veggie fan)! :D

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