October 13, 2006


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060925 005.jpg豚あばら肉煮込みカレー(コルマソース)、ナン付きで1280円。マンゴヤンラッシ、480円。
Back to this nice local curry place. Last visit here. Pork sparerib curry(Korma sauce). Mild and creamy, very nice! The naan is soft and hot from the oven as usual, very massive but so good that you can finish it in no time and want more. Mango Lassi cocktail - very sweet and quite strong in alcohol.

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Oh yeah like those izakaya cocktails, but VERY VERY sweet. In fact it is so sweet that you don't realise how strong it is, and all of a sudden you feel dizzy...^^;;;

seat | October 16, 2006 07:59 PM

Mango Lassi cocktail !!! haha! I wonder what liquor went in there... It'd be like those Calpis water Soju type of drink...

Freda | October 16, 2006 04:52 PM


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