January 25, 2007


060110 038060110 046
8000yen dinner course. Pictures show portion for 4 people.
Bream simmered in sweet soy sauce. Very nice! Fish is soft and fatty. Craved rice!
Assorted sashimi. Other than fish, there are also abalone sashimi and scallop. The abalone is very hard when eaten raw. Plenty of shiso underneath which is fresh and very nice to eat with the sashimi.
060110 049060110 095
Hairy crab(kegani). My friends taught me to pour hot nihonshu(Japanese wine) into the crab shell, mix with the kanimiso(crab innard) and drink from the shell. Surprisingly delicious~.
060110 053060110 097
Apparently the master hunted the wild ducks himself. There is a picture of him with his hunting rifle on the wall. My friends went to watch him skinning and preparing the duck over the counter but I stayed at the table. ^^;;
060110 087060110 076
Other than the wild duck, pigeon is also added to make the soup stock for the kamo(duck) nabe.
060110 072060110 084
Lots of mushrooms, veggy, tofu, Konjac went to the soup too. One daidai(bitter orange) for each person to squeeze the juice as a final touch.
060110 059060110 066
The madam did everything for us so we just waited. (btw it takes 3 hours at least to finish the whole course)
060110 060060110 068
Sliced wild duck meat are to add at the end. Texture is quite hard.
060110 101060110 104

060110 034鴨雑炊。
Rice and egg are added to the leftover soup to make zousui(rice porridge). This is always the best part of a nabe course, but argh, I was just too full and only could eat a bit.

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Actually I was already stuffed before the hotpot came...But surprisingly the restaurant offered to pack doggie bags of the sushi and the crab for us - doggie bags are very rare in Japan!

seat | January 30, 2007 01:29 AM

Whoa what a crab/seafood feast~~
The pour wine in crab shell sound like a great idea, you can smell that wonderful crab smell and mix in with the crab juice...
So much food, 1st part the crab, fish...then 2nd part the entire big hot pot...^^;;

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