July 05, 2007

キッチン カロリー


This place is called "Kitchen Calorie". ^^;; I had the "calorie-yaki", which is beef and onion cooked with soy sauce and garlic. There is a bed of spaghetti underneath the beef, and it also comes with rice... Too bad the hot plate didn't come sizzling hot and the greasiness became overwhelming....Also got a small salad which is mainly cabbage.
Tomato salad. Herb pork with ginger. Comes with rice and tonjiru. Very nice! Again there is spaghetti underneath the pork.

0707010007有機野菜サラダ、¥300。 オムライス、¥850。 ジャンボ焼き:カロリー焼き、ハンバーグとカニクリームコロッケ。
Organic salad. 300yen is a bit expensive for just a few lettuce leaves, even though it is supposed to be organic. Omurice. Quite a lot of chicken meat in the ketchup rice. Other than that, tastes pretty normal. Jumbo-yaki: "calorie-yaki", crab cream croquette and hamburger. Hmm, just so-so. The hotplate is not hot not sizzling again. Conclusion after a couple of visits: will go back for the herb pork with ginger but not the others.
キッチン カロリー
Add: 3-10 Ookawamachi, Kanda
Tel: 03-3291-3266

[ 神田・神保町・秋葉原 ]

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