July 17, 2007



Very famous yoshoku place. Look at the long queue(mostly guys) at lunch time. It really wasn't easy for me to join the queue. ^^;;; At first the waitress(hair dyed gold) made me sit in a small table with 3 other guys and I immediately said I would wait for a counter seat. Unfortunately the next available counter seat was right in front of the toilet...people brushed pass me when they got out of the toilet and I tried not to breathe too hard. Katsu(pork cutlet) curry is a big plate and only 650yen. No wonder this place is so popular with guys. Though the pork is a tad thin and the coating is thick. The black curry is nice though.
キッチン南海 (Kitchen Nankai)
Add: 1-5 Jimbocho, Kanda

[ 神田・神保町・秋葉原 ]

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