July 30, 2007



Half fried rice and half ramen set. The ramen is nice but the charshu pork and the fried rice are way too salty~. This place seems famous and they only have ramen and fried rice on the menu. Everyone ordered the half fried rice and half ramen set. I usually avoid double carbs(in Japan, udon+rice, ramen+rice kind of set meals are very common) but oh what the heck. I went early so there was no queue, but when I left half an hour later the queue was just crazy. I don't think there is an air-conditioner inside...I wonder what it will be like in summer....
Add: 2-24 Jimbocho, Kanda
Tel: 03-3230-1252

[ 神田・神保町・秋葉原 ]

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Maybe...^^;;; Well at least no one smokes inside the tiny, no air-con restaurant.

seat | August 1, 2007 06:19 PM

Possibly the cook/customers are mostly smokers, their tastebud had gotten dull from long time smoking need extra strong taste in food to 'taste' anything.

Freda | July 31, 2007 11:00 AM