July 30, 2007




2735855180096864855EASwsg_fs4725yen set with sukiyaki beef, vegetables, rice, miso soup and a small dessert. Expensive but good quality Japanese beef restaurant which is very famous and has many branches. I have never been to the original restaurant in Ningyocho but this branch, located between Yoyogi and Shinjuku stations, is spacious and has comfortable private rooms. And if you ask, the pretty lady in kimono will cook and serve you every slice of beef while you eat - very important service as I have wasted very good beef due to my crappy cooking before....Last time I came(entry here), I had the full course cos I wasn't the one paying, while this time I had the more modest set which I found satisfying enough. There are also cheaper sets only available at lunch time, but if you make reservations in advance, there is a minimum charge of 2500yen per person.
Imahan Banyoh 今半万窯
Add: Southern Tower Building 4F, Shinjuku Southern Terrace, 2-2-1 Yoyogi Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Tel: 03-3375-1919
Open: 11:00-23:00 (No holidays)

UPDATES! (2007 Nov)


Tried the shabu-shabu too. Too bad I didn't take pics of the shabu hotpot.

The appetizer and the beef sushi are okay but nothing special. Better to just order shabu-shabu, sukiyaki, or steak, which are the most satisfying.

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Oh no no, it is "minimum charge", i.e. if you reserve, you need to order more than 2500yen per person.

Inside it is well air-conditioned, also we didn't have to cook...^^;;

seat | August 1, 2007 06:22 PM

Eh? 2500 yen fixed price for people who made reservation? Isn't it a bit too hot to eat sukiyaki?

Freda | July 31, 2007 11:31 AM