September 24, 2007

お好み焼き ゆかり AKIBA-ICHI店




Left: Special mix okonomiyaki. Has pork, squid, octopus and prawn in it.
Right: Tonpeiyaki. Pork wrapped in egg and flour mix.
Omelette yakisoba. Has pork belly, squid, onion and mushroom in it.
"Japan": Mochi and cheese okonomiyaki.

Originally from Osaka and this restaurant in Akihabara is its only Tokyo branch. The food is very good. The staff made everything for us so we just had to cut them up. The Tonpeiyaki and Omelette yakisoba are cooked in the kitchen, while the rest are made in front of us. We went around 6pm on a weekday and we got seats immediately, but when we came out around 7:30pm there was a queue waiting outside. Price is reasonable, the environment is clean and new, and the seats are comfortable. Definitely will go back.
Menu(J) here.
ゆかり(Okonomiyaki Yukari)
Add: 3F Akihabara UDX, Soto-kanda 4-14-1, Chiyoda-ku
Tel: 03-3526-3310

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Without the progress photos, all the end products look the same. ^^;;

seat | October 1, 2007 03:56 PM

Haha i love those series of 'progress' photos of the Mochi and cheese one~~

Freda | September 30, 2007 04:10 PM

We didn't cook them, the professionals did...^^;;

seat | September 28, 2007 06:46 PM

haha cook so professionally...unlike ours...

Joan | September 27, 2007 05:18 PM


seat | September 27, 2007 03:36 PM


湯 | September 27, 2007 01:52 PM

The 2 okonomiyaki are both very nice - I like them better than the omelette yakisoba and the pork from the kitchen. Very high calorie food though...and 2 of us ordered too much! ^^;;;;

seat | September 25, 2007 06:40 PM

The omelette & mochi/cheese ones especially caught my attention~~!! They all look very tempting *q*

RP | September 25, 2007 01:00 PM