October 01, 2007

味ちゃん 2号店 (Korean Kitchen Macchan 2)


Samgyeopsal(Pork belly).
Janbodeji karubi(Pork karubi).

Yukkejan Kuppa(Rice and vegetables in spicy soup). Potato chijimi(Korean pancake) - it reminds me of hash brown!

Some friends took me to this popular Korean BBQ place in Shinokubo, which is like a Korean town with many eateries and shops. We went to the branch which is right next to the original shop. We booked in advance so didn't have to wait. And thank god for that - look at all those people without reservations waiting outside! There is a time limit of two hours, which is more than enough to stuff our faces with yummy food. Everything we ordered was so nice, but the best was definitely the pork belly. It was surprisingly not that greasy, just like my friends assured me before we went. The hot plate is slanted so all the oil drips down into a bowl. You are not supposed to grill the meat yourself - the staff will do everything for you. The lettuce and other green veggy are for wrapping the meat, and you can have as many servings as you want. Service is not like smiley or friendly but they are efficient and you get what you want quickly, like water and extra servings of veggy. Most importantly this place is cheap!! We ate like pigs, and including drinks it was only about 2700yen per person. Definitely want to go back again.
味ちゃん 2号店 (Korean Kitchen Macchan 2)
Add: 2-32-3, Okubo, Shinjuku-ku
Tel: 03-5272-3022

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Gosh the waiting line people looks so miserable! ^^;;

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