Chez Les Copains@西貢

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チーズは別注文。French cheese Patter, HK$100.
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前菜はフォアグラのテリーヌかフォアグラのポワレ。Pan-fried goose liver or goose liver terrine. Terrine was nicer.
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Lobster Bisque. Grilled Medallion of Venison with Black Truffle sauce. Both good.
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A little French restaurant near the beach side. We ordered cheese and a bottle of wine to share so it came to HK$500 per person.

3 thoughts on “Chez Les Copains@西貢

  1. Hey I’ve seen this restaurant feature on HK magazine before, I remember the nice exterior with the lights and stuffs, like a small cafe hidden in a French town alley. Is the food good? The all looked really good, but yeah the dessert seem normal.

  2. wow ??…I forgot where’s it in HK already~~^^;;; the restaurant looks really nice!

  3. Really it is in magazines??? The chef, who studied cooking in France before apparently, originally was serving private book-in-advance dinners in Kowloon; I tried her a few years ago and it was very good. But she got popular and moved to Sai Kung and now it seems like a proper restaurant. I think taste-wise it was better in the old days….or maybe I wasn’t that demanding in those days. ^^;;; It is still quite good, and it is nice to go to the beach for leisure and dine there on the way, but not go there especially for the food lor since it is quite far.

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