6 thoughts on “韓国摘草料理HANGAWI

  1. So tiny the portion ^^;;; looks delicate and delicious though. haha the dramatic angle of dessert pic to include the view outside?

  2. I was watching cooking show on sat. and they introduce an popular korean good in Japan called “kuppa” or “koopap”, have you ever had any?

  3. Are there lots of new Korean restaurants sprouting here and there becoz of the Korean boom in Japan?

  4. There were always many Korean restaurants in Tokyo, just that they get a lot more TV/magazine/internet coverage after the Korean drama boom started lor. I have always loved Korean food though – I actually went to Korean for a week to travel and eat but since I can’t read/speak Korean I had a hellish time(at that time I couldn’t speak Japanese even) trying to communicate…I ended up eating bibimbap all the time!

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