My Le@Kamata (ミ・レイ@蒲田)

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0704 088.jpgサイゴン風フーティウ(フォー)。チェーババー。ベトナムコーヒー。夜のコースは2500円。
The vietnamese omelette has lots of beansprouts and onion inside, very nice but a bit oily(eggs absorb oil…) The soup for the Pho is really really good, so good that after we finished the noodles we added the leftover rice to the soup. Dinner course is 2500yen per person. So cheap!

4 thoughts on “My Le@Kamata (ミ・レイ@蒲田)

  1. うわぁ~、シーさんの写真見たら、行けなかったのが、すっごく悔しくなってきたぁ!

  2. マールさん、そうだよ。すごく美味しかったよ。

  3. wowowoowo sooo yummy~~~ I love Vietnamese food!
    The pancake, looked so good! i never truly have authentic vietnamese dinner before (always only have lunch noodle and sandwich. I gotta try that sometimes. is pic 81 the “sour fish soup”? I love that.

  4. Wow so many food! I wanna try the Vietnamese pancake, it looks yummy.

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