Gumbo & Oyster bar

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Fried oyster lunch. The batter is too thick!! Can hardly taste the oyster.
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13 thoughts on “Gumbo & Oyster bar

  1. Oh my god the oyster shooters were so microscopically SMALL~~~!!! -o-;;;;;;
    Each shooter costs 580yen and it is only HALF an oyster!! Ridiculous! I went here before for fried oyster lunch and it was not good already, and even dinner quality is so-so and super expensive! Never going back again!!

  2. That’s the oyster bar you went before…ah.. though there’s a saying that small oyster taste better? (errr..?)

  3. But 500 yen for half of a small oyster with some stupid sauce is still too much…Yeah small oysters sometimes taste better but not necessarily so…

  4. seat, whenever I try to see this blog on my mac at work, the computer crashes! T_T

  5. oh…something’s wrong with our code (tomoko you said you see weird white shape on mine too right?)…hmm…
    Which browser do you use? Try using Safari or Firefox, they display better! I know IE in mac will show up weird.

  6. yeah don’t use IE anymore, so much virus and spyware.
    But hey at least you can use the internet at work.

  7. Oh~~??? It never happens to me….
    But wait, actually someone said the same thing before…like my blog is too heavy that her computer crashes whenever she accesses my page….

  8. yeah I’m using IE and its realllllllly instable!!
    the mac is G5,OSX panther.
    its been a long time since I used the mac so feels wierd ^^;;
    especially the frequent crashes -_-#
    now I know why some people hate the mac!

  9. btw, got the tribute album to NANA…god it is so shitty…-o-;;; If you want to listen, it is at the usual place.

    Also got Vanessa Paradis’s album, 2 of the songs are written by “J.Depp”, hoho.

  10. hoho really, I’d check out!
    I finally figure out how to connect from my work’s mac, but seems like it can’t download anything with Japanese names..which is odd..lemme check how to load other lanauge on there.
    I also upload something too.
    I heard that Nana’s author’s other work Paradise Kiss (very good too) was made to TV anime, and ending theme song was Franz Ferdinand’s…o_O;;;;;;

  11. Shall I change the folder names to English? But the song names are all in Japanese too…I can change them to track numbers if it will be easier for you.

    Thanks for the uploads! I was actually waiting for Franz Ferdinand’s new album, hoho~ I haven’t read Paradise Kiss but err, Franz Ferdinand as ending song is kinda weird for a girly comic!

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